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Having a beautifully set table is an art.

After putting your heart into preparing an amazing menu, you don’t want to taint the meal by having a less-than-incredible table setting.

It’s important because a good table setting helps to create a comfortable ambience and indicates to your guests that you have taken an effort and have been mindful. It also influences the dining experience.

Think about what kind of look you want for your tablescapes: modern? traditional? rustic? We recommend going with something that fits into all categories yet feels unique.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite tips for setting up your table to make sure your guests and family members feel special at your next mealtime. 


First, let’s talk about table runners.

Table runners work great if you are looking to add some extra flair to your tablescape, they’re perfect for adding a little texture and colour to a dinner table, as well as for making your table look like an event space. It’s also important to have contrasting colours in order to create an appetizing presentation. The lienzo runner with abstract patterns is a great option if you want to create a space that is less formal or for a brunch with friends.

lienzo runner
lienzo runner

What Makes Your House a Home

Give your dinnerware and serveware the attention they deserve with a subtle backdrop of statico runner. This runner certainly enhances the entire look of the dinner table and makes your dinnerware stand out.


Now that you’ve laid down the table runners, it is time to really set the table with dinnerware

A good-looking dish looks better, tastes better, and feels better to eat on. Dinner is a time to relax and unwind. You deserve to be pampered, so why not do it right? Between the different styles and colours of dinnerware, it can be hard to find a set that will complement your dining room. Explore a wide range of dinnerware options from wood, ceramic, metal, and terracotta. There is something for every taste.

rustic reef ceramic pasta bowl
rustic reef ceramic pasta bowl

Terracotta baking dish

With the new shift towards simplicity comes the range of terracotta baking.

Add some earthy hues to your dinner table, which doesn’t take up the entire room because your baked dishes need no fancy servingware, but rather something elegant and simple, such as the Sienna terracotta baking dish. The best part is that you can cook as well as serve in it. 

sienna terracotta baking dish
sienna terracotta baking dish

Terracotta bottle 

Lastly, finish setting up your dining table with terracotta water bottles, which will keep your water naturally cool. Hydration is indeed important.

terracotta bottle with wooden lid
terracotta bottle with wooden lid

Remember that tablescapes aren’t just for formal dining areas anymore! If you have a more casual dining space where people are eating together regularly, then it’s time to bring out the best. Check out the entire collection on our website.

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