A sustainable switch in your daily life

Every little change matters.

Being thoughtful about everything you use in your everyday routine is what makes a big difference eventually. Reducing waste, making the most of nature’s every resource and choosing materials that last longer is the message we want to pass on to the upcoming generations.

The one common sight around us is the plastic bottles used by everyone, and the amount of waste generated is harmful and horrifying. It is time for a switch. The glass bottle collection awaits you. The quirky prints, design variations, and minimal patterns all denote the beauty of simplicity. The series offers two variations on the stoppers, wooden and ceramic. Pick the aesthetic you love. 

crown glass bottle with tumbler

Serve and store it sustainably.

As kids, we were fascinated with the round, fluffy rotis being served to us. Nothing much changes as we grow up because nobody likes their rotis gone cold. The wooden crust roti bowl is not only food safe but is handcrafted and made with mango wood. This increases the durability of this product.

upper crust wooden roti bowl
upper crust wooden roti bowl

Keep the traditions shining.

Metals like brass, copper, and bronze have been used since ancient times. According to Ayurveda, brass has healing properties. The golden look of it makes it look royal and grand. Pair the brass cutlery with your favourite table decor and it will change the set-up of the party. Thus, no wastage and neither does it have to be disposable. All elementary products are designed and made to be easily maintained. Simply wash it off after use, and they are ready for more use without losing their shine.

sophiya serving spoon
sophiya serving spoon

Adding colour to your sustainable life

What Makes Your House a Home

Ceramics are a great switch when it comes to long-lasting, eco-friendly products. The amber love collection is inspired by the amber fossils, especially the textures used on the inner surface of the products. The yellow is bright and beautiful. 

amber love collection
amber love collection

Some switches are better late than never, and you can always keep trying what works for you the best. All elementary products are sustainable, eco-friendly, and food friendly. 

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