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Don’t let your dinner table feel lonely. A dinner table has always been a place that brings people together, a place where you can share your life with the people you adore.

Whether you have a large or small household, there are plenty of fun ways to set the mood for togetherness at dinner. The first step is choosing an accessory that will fit into the room decor style seamlessly and nothing does it better than wood. It helps create a space that feels warm and welcoming. Our accessories are designed to coordinate with each other perfectly. It’d be like they are having their own little conversation at the table.

The table is not set until these come out.

Since table napkins are essential for dinners, you might as well want to do it right. These mango napkin ring bird set of 2 natural perfectly complements your table setting. These napkin rings hold your napkins in place to prevent spillage making it easier to enjoy dinner with loved ones. Made from solid natural wood, the intricate bird design adds a charming touch to the table and they’re not only pretty to look at, but also durable and long-lasting. 

mango napkin ring bird set of 2 natural
mango napkin ring bird set of 2 natural

Save your drinks for special occasions, again. 

When you’re looking for a way to stop your wine from going flat and keep it fresh, the ceramic bottle stopper has got you covered. You’ll be able to keep your favourite bottle of red or white safely nestled in its glass enclosure, so it won’t get knocked around as easily. With this handy little accessory, you’ll have no problems keeping your drink nice and fresh between meals. The stoppers make a great gift for anyone who enjoys a good wine over dinner.

drop glass water bottle with ceramic stopper
drop glass water bottle with ceramic stopper

The wood stand you need to hold onto.

What Makes Your House a Home

You might be wondering why your dinner table keeps getting smaller. It’s because of all the clutter! Make space for your beautiful dishes and cutlery with this Fleur D’or cutlery stand frangipani wooden cutlery stand and you can never go wrong with a little bit of floral charm especially when it’s handpainted. You don’t want to keep running back and forth to the kitchen to find dinner cutlery and rather have everything on your table your guests might need.

fleur d'or cutlery stand
fleur d’or cutlery stand

Adding art to organising your table.

If you’re looking for a way that’ll help you keep your dinner table organised and your bottle of wine or liquor at the ready, then look no further. Firangipani Wooden cutlery stand Multipurpose wooden caddy countertop is perfect for dinner parties, picnics and other outdoor events. It can hold a variety of things, from water bottles to condiments and more. It’s the simplest way to add some personality to your dining room.

frangipani wooden cutlery stand
frangipani wooden cutlery stand

ellementry has put together these accessories that will help you make sure everything is organised and your family & guests have everything they need so they can eat every bite in perfect harmony.

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