Add a pop of colour with linen

Small details add significant and memorable memories. It is said that your home reflects your personality. Colours play a vital role in your day-to-day life. And what better example for all of this to be blended into your routine than with the help of fabrics? Linen is super durable and breathable. You can use it during celebrations, functions, and even your mundane routines, the possibilities are limitless.

Let the seasons reflect on your table. Table runners, placemats, napkins, and dish towels can be styled and used to dry your cookware or set your tablescapes.

Here are some options for you to explore and elevate the space with simplicity.

Get started with inky placemats:

inky placemat
inky placemat

Some designs are unusual, unique, and original because of the technique. Set your tabletops with these dyed tablecloths; the inky blue blotted patterns are enough to start conversations during lunch, dinner, and get-togethers. The product comes in a set of 6. Every product is hand designed, standing out from the other pieces in the same set.

Abstract obsession with lienzo runner:

Colours are known to convey emotions and invoke reactions. This runner not only fits indoors but also outdoors, as the colours are enhanced in the natural light. And in case you spill some food or drinks, there is no need to panic. Wash it at 30 degrees in the washing machine. It is iron-friendly too, making it look crisper and neater. And we believe that reusing and finding a comfortable fit for your home is a sustainable way of life at ellementry.

lienzo runner
lienzo runner

Remembering spring with this dish towel:

What Makes Your House a Home

Cleaning your kitchenware is an important activity to keep the kitchen spotless and tidy. Make your space look fresh, beautiful, and lively. No need to miss the spring season as this dish towel is a summary of the bright colours and designs in your home. Let the mustard colour and blue motifs help you with all the seasonal fresh picks and dishes.

spring belle dish towel
spring belle dish towel

Minimal charm with the lienzo napkin:

Keep your routine going with an endless canvas. If you love minimalistic charm and elegance, this napkin serves the purpose and is etched with art on the borders. Find dichromatic borders stitched across the edges. This comes in a set of 6, so share the beauty and simplicity with everyone around you. 

lienzo napkin
lienzo napkin

The linen-cotton material is one of the easiest and simplest to maintain. It adds to the experience of your home. You can use it for multiple purposes throughout your space for an organised appearance.

Check more options on our website or visit your nearest store to buy the same.

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