Add an artistic touch with the Gaiyo collection

Your home’s interiors may be well-designed, but without the finishing touches, even the best-designed interiors can appear lifeless. It’s time to enliven your spaces with the Gaiyo collection. 

The use of earthy brown tones and designs in this collection adds an element of tranquillity and warmth. Soothing to the eyes, each piece is embellished with impeccable hand-marble swirl designs in organic shapes. Handcrafted with eco-mix materials, this collection fuses sustainability and aesthetics together.

Get your home comfortable and cosy for the season. Let’s take a look at a few pieces from the collection.

Accent that makes your bedside table special

If you want to give your room more character and personality, this will be the perfect addition to your room decor! You can also use it as a reading light when you’re reading in bed. The shape, colours, and texture of the lamp can instantly elevate its aesthetic. The ecomix table lamp will help bring out the unique personality of the furniture in your room.

gaiyo table lamp with shade
gaiyo table lamp with shade

An artistic addition to your decor collection

Every corner of our homes gives us an opportunity to add a little bit of flair to it. The Gaiyo vase does just that for you. The brown, earthy tones of the vases don’t make them look out of place, yet their size grabs your attention and blends in perfectly with the overall setting of the space. Etched with a hand-marble design that complements its magnificent stature. The 2 come in two shapes and sizes. Place them near your entryways, living room corners, or hallways to add a refreshing touch to your living spaces.

gaiyo vase tall
gaiyo vase tall

A functional blend in your seasonal favourites

What Makes Your House a Home

As the season changes, it’s time to make some changes to the ambience of your home too. Add the warm glow of candles with the Gaiyo candle holder and give your space a cosy vibe this season. Handcrafted and rooted in sustainability, these candle holders are adorned with swirls of hand marbling, to give your decor an aesthetic lift. Place them at your dinner tables or in the corners of your home to set the mood for snuggle season. 

gaiyo candle stand
gaiyo candle stand

Hold onto your essentials with this product

Any kitchen or dining table is incomplete without the cutlery, and the best way to keep it organised and handy is with a cutlery holder. No more running back and forth to the kitchen when you need the cutlery while having dinner. The Gaiyo cutlery holder is designed to match the aesthetics of your tablescape with its super smooth, hand-marbled look. It will pair well with monochrome serveware. It’s useful in more ways than one. You can place it in your study to hold your essential stationery.

gaiyo cutlery holder
gaiyo cutlery holder


Small additions to your home decor really go a long way. Check out the entire Gaiyo collection on our website.

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