Add colour to your routine

Our spaces and our homes are known to reflect our personalities.

Many a time, we fall in love with certain colours after we spot a piece that catches our attention. Certain tones and textures grow on us with time. Be it colour psychology or just simply being obsessed with certain colours. ellementry gives you some colour options for an entire collection.

They don’t always have to be statement pieces, but can be small additions to your everyday routine. Observing the colours and textures of things in front of your eyes can make you feel better.

Begin your day with calming shades of green

A common habit that goes beyond a routine or ritual is drinking a glass of water. It may be warm water or with a slice of lemon in it, as it has multiple health benefits. The green glass tumbler resting on the bedside table can be the perfect start to your busy day. The colour green is known for depicting harmony, growth, and nature. And the wide range of our Midori collection might be your next pick throughout the day or to serve a personalised drink to the guests.

midori jove tumbler set of 2 (tall)
midori jove tumbler set of 2 (tall)

Inspiring you with history

What Makes Your House a Home

If you are fond of warm, earthy, and simple colors, Beige can never break your aesthetic. ellementry’s thought behind the amber love collection is the fossils. When you want to grab a bowl full of salad or pasta, choose this ceramic bowl and make it a part of your home essentials. This handmade and food-safe bowl can be your go-to piece to enjoy a brunch or a snack. 

amber love
amber love

The shade of modern elegance

Now, we know black is not a colour but a shade. But as ellementry believes in using natural materials, the midnight terracotta vase is a perfect example of that. You can place it in a corner or on a side table. Add some fresh flowers or dried floral arrangements. Let nature’s colours complement each other, resulting in a perfect muse at your home. Black is versatile and loved by the majority of people.

midnight terracotta vase (tall)
midnight terracotta vase (tall)

Add a golden charm while serving

ellementry doesn’t let you forget the traditions and keeps you up to date with style as well. After vibrant, muted patterns, why not set your table with some gold brassware? Maybe you are looking forward to having a freshly baked cake for dessert. The Masai gold cake server set is a perfect fit. Dig into slices of pastries and cakes. And to indulge your favourite dishes with cutlery sets and more, the entire collection awaits you.

masai gold cake server set
masai gold cake server set

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