Add the charm of ceramics to your routine

We draw inspiration from what has come before us over the years. Ceramics have been used all over the world. The best part is that they are versatile, be it in serving, baking, or storing food. Ceramics are made from natural materials, such as clay, and are recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice for serving food.

They not only assist you in being sustainable, but they also do so in style.

ellementry has some of the best options from the ceramic collections for you to choose from in your everyday life. With every colour and glaze, we make sure you have a food-safe and mindful experience.

Let’s begin by looking at what’s on the table

Just like appetisers on a table, we have a hand-painted magnolia ceramic serving platter presented to you. Serveware is one of the most conversational pieces for your guests. While you cook and serve some cookies, bruschetta, tea, or coffee on the platter, a glance at the blue hand painted flower is indeed a great addition to the experience. A combination of white and blue is a classic one.

magnolia ceramic serving platter
magnolia ceramic serving platter

A pair to remember

If you take your mornings or evenings seriously, the moai ceramic coffee mug set of 2 is for you. Especially if you enjoy artistic pieces and have someone with whom you can share conversation and beverages. These mugs are inspired by monolithic figures carved back in the day. To add a unique touch to your routine, these are good picks. These are food-safe and microwave-friendly too. Enjoy a dessert or a warm drink with your loved one.

moai ceramic coffee mug set of 2
moai ceramic coffee mug set of 2

Pour out the drink in pastels

What Makes Your House a Home

Your drinkware collection and routine are incomplete without these jugs placed on your table. Let us begin by telling you about the ceramic jug small polka dots lemon; it is not only beautiful and lemon yellow in colour but also filled with adorable polka dots. For a convenient day, fill it with water, juice, or milk.

In the same range, a jug in blue is also available. It adds a variety of designs and pastel shades to your tablescapes. The stripes and symmetry compliment the design if you love to take aesthetic pictures in the middle of your day.

ceramic jug small polka dots lemon
ceramic jug small polka dots lemon

Preparing you for a party

When we want to take a break or host a party, a serveware of nachos and dips is just what we need. Another ceramic bestseller that will make your favourites list is this amber love chip and dip set. This is stylish as well as very functional. When you are standing and yet want to enjoy a snack, this set can be passed around for you to enjoy what you want. The amber love collection as a whole is classy and a perfect example of how to highlight the ceramic glaze.

amber love ceramic chip-n-dip
amber love ceramic chip-n-dip

Ceramics go through a lot before they reach your home. ellementry makes the right decisions throughout the process of creating the clay, moulding and firing the products, and then painting them to create the works of art that they are. You can visit an ellementry store or see our website for more choices.

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