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Drinkware is essential for your table and should not be overlooked. Up your game when it comes to serving water or keeping the wine chilled. Store your water or wine in various glass, terracotta, and ceramic containers. Every piece of ellementry drinkware is handcrafted, adding a personal touch.

Keep reading to find out more about some drinkware products to have in your bar or storage cabinet. 

Adding to your morning routine

As we mostly begin our day and have a glass of water shortly, you can place this midori crown bottle with tumbler on a bedside table in your room. You can carry them around and keep them on your dining table or work desk so that you are reminded to stay hydrated at all times. The glass bottle and tumbler are easy to clean and glow best when washed with warm water and soap with a sponge. The glass tumblrs from the midori collection are mouth-blown artistic glass, making them unique and beautiful picks.

midori crown bottle with tumbler
midori crown bottle with tumbler

If you need a change of bottle, wish to stock up on your collection, or need to give a meaningful gift to someone, you can choose from a wide range of glass bottles. This way, one can admire the minimalist craft behind the bottle stoppers while also exploring the variety of designs engraved on the bottle.

Clearer view for the day

What Makes Your House a Home

Add more class and clarity to your routine with this glass water dispenser. Adding style to your kitchen can be tricky, as this piece is handcrafted with glass and comes with a three-legged multi-wooden stand. You can infuse some fresh mint or fruits to add more flavours. It is sufficient for an entire day.

glass water dispenser
glass water dispenser

Celebrations with terracotta

As terracotta is known for its cooling properties. An earthy touch with a hint of colour adds to your celebrations and dinner parties. Let this terracotta bottle cooler be a conversation starter as you set some appetisers and other barware on the table. It reminds you of its traditional roots, and it is the right example of design and function.

sienna terracotta bottle cooler
sienna terracotta bottle cooler

Gloss and colour to your tablescapes

Ceramics fit into your daily routine and also into your dinner or brunch parties. You can store not only water but also some milk or juice. The shape of a rustic reef ceramic jug with a wooden lid and a rectangular handle makes it easier to pour. The beauty of corals found in ocean beds inspired this collection. Let the mango wood lid seal the jug properly.

rustic reef ceramic jug with wooden lid
rustic reef ceramic jug with wooden lid

For more choices, see our website or visit the ellementry store that is most convenient for you.

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