Are OXO Pop Containers Worth It?

Ready to take your kitchen organisation to the next level? OXO Pop Containers are the ultimate pantry organiser for your kitchen and beyond. No more cluttering up your pantry with mismatched containers or struggling to look for a single item in the back of your pantry! Wondering if OXO Pop containers are right for you? Read on to find out why we love these pop containers!

1. Are OXO Pop containers worth it?

When it comes to choosing food containers for your kitchen, it really is a question of whether spending the extra money to purchase quality containers like OXO that will keep food fresh and used daily versus containers that cost less, are susceptible to breaking and won’t seal ingredients in tightly that will then lead to food wastage.

OXO’s Pop containers are so easy to use, airtight, stackable, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe, perfect for storing dry food items such as pasta, coffee, grains, cookies, and much more. Complete with fill lines and utensils that attach to the lid, these containers are made for convenience.

The versatile OXO Pop containers are not only for the kitchen, but they can also be used all throughout the house, storing and organising everything in your bathroom, office, kids’ playroom, and more. The clear Pop containers make organising your home simple and look fantastic displayed on your counters and shelves.

2. Are OXO containers really airtight?

OXO’s Pop containers open and close with a push of the pop button, it’s that simple! But how airtight are they, really? The simple answer is extremely airtight! Interestingly, the team at OXO were inspired by refrigerator doors that seal and open effortlessly. After extensive research, the Pop container’s patented web mechanism was developed. Combined with a gasket with a silicone “fin” that removes air from the containers when engaged to create an airtight seal, rest assured your contents will remain fresher for longer in the airtight containers.

3. What sizes do OXO Pop containers come in?

Pop containers come in various shapes and sizes to cater to different foods and pantry sizes. Depending on the available size in your kitchen and pantry, Pop containers make customisation straightforward to your needs.

4. Can I stack OXO Pop containers together?

Yes! The Pop containers are made for stacking to be space efficient to suit both compact and spacious kitchens with pantries. Simply pick and choose from the wide collection of containers available from OXO. See some possible container combinations below to get inspired for your own pantry.

5. Should you wash OXO containers before using them?

It’s always good practice to wash your containers before using them. The OXO Pop containers are dishwasher safe to provide optimal convenience for the busy household. You can also give your containers a gentle hand wash and dry prior to use.

6. Can OXO containers go in the freezer?

While the Pop containers can be used in the freezer, the lid on the container may lift as the air pressure can change while your container is in the freezer. Our recommendation is to use containers designed for freezer-use to store your items in the freezer.



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