As we evolve, so should our home

Change is a part of our lives. Yet, we hesitate to invest in a solution or a change that is unique. Our homes should reflect our comfort and the things we like. Why not reconnect with our roots while bringing our own unique way of life to our home?

A terracotta collection to up your baking and serveware.

If you are looking to enhance your cooking and baking experience, you can use the terracotta bake-friendly range. Terracotta is extremely bake-friendly and helps maintain the heat. If you were to slow cook a meal or a dessert, the baking dish is ideal as it evenly distributes the heat. 

sienna terracotta baking dish
sienna terracotta baking dish

The handcrafted and detailed terracotta can also be used to set the table and complete the look. It comes in three size variations to fit in your baking collection.

To minimise the discomfort from the wet towel.

We always wonder where to dry our wet towels, damp rugs, and throws. Add some style and yet utilise the space efficiently. This handcrafted and sustainable towel holder can be kept in your bath or bedroom area. This is a suitable pick during monsoons and winters when you want to airdry or display some clothes as well. 

old world ready-to-assemble towel holder
old world ready-to-assemble towel holder

What Makes Your House a Home

If you are looking for an unwinding activity, this is a ready-to-assemble holder. Make your everyday routine convenient.

A table that can be adjusted as per your requirements.

Side tables are indeed a blessing. When there is a party or you spend a day at home, place this table next to your sofa or bed. Change the height to suit your needs and preferences. The two-decker storage side table is unique due to its shape as well. It offers abundant storage. Store your night reads or day essentials to have them by your side. You can place a plant of your choice as the green will complement the colour of this table. The grayish brown colour makes you spot the wooden details even more. It blends in perfectly with some minimal decor and aesthetics. 

two decker storage side table
two decker storage side table

 Helps keep everything within your reach.

The kitchen and tables can get cluttered. A mango wood lazy susan is a great way to add some extra functionality to your kitchen. Plus, they make it easy to access whatever you need without having to search through cabinets or drawers. You can also use this to place a cake or small appetizers and let the guests choose their favourite foods without having to get up from their place. It is ribbed to further define its surface and make a statement.

 These are some of the pieces in homeware that can make your life a lot easier and elevate your lifestyle. Shop all your favourites on our website.

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