Baking the most out of this season

Get into the Christmas spirit already, right from making itineraries to shopping for new clothes, homeware, decor, and gifts. You can sense that the season of Christmas has arrived. Let the fresh aroma of baked goods make you linger around the kitchen. It is the time when sweet vanilla, dates, and the rich aroma of cakes, pies, and cookies are in the air. The lights, chilly evenings, and gatherings with your loved ones sum up the festive feels. Here is a selection of bakeware that you can use in your kitchen to bake whatever you want.

A dessert for one in this ceramic ramekin

Sometimes joy can be contained in small dishes, especially when they are baked with delicious ingredients. Sometimes, making a large portion of dessert can get spoiled or wasted. Ramekins are perfect for serving a single portion. This upper crust ramekin comes in a light blue shade that adds to the winter mood. The best part is that you can also serve in these ceramic bowls. If you are looking for some recipe options, you can go for some soufflés, custards, or even savoury appetisers.

upper crust ceramic ramekin
upper crust ceramic ramekin

An earthy touch to your baking experience:

The kitchen seems incomplete without terracotta. It has been used in the kitchen for several years and has been passed down from one generation to another. The terracotta baking dish is porous and thus spread the heat evenly. They are also suitable for slow cooking and can be used in the oven or on the stovetop. This baking dish is a saviour when you need to cook and host a lunch or dinner for a crowd.

terracotta baking dish
terracotta baking dish

For love lies in a loaf:

Have you ever guessed what dish is being made in the kitchen by seeing a few ingredients or by its aroma? It just sends an invitation to everyone at home, informing them what’s in the works without you actually telling them. A fresh batch of bread loaves or loaf cakes falls in this category.

What Makes Your House a Home

You can gather your seasonal favourites like fruits and nuts in order to add a variety of flavours to the table. One of the Christmas essentials has to be a plum cake with some wine. This upper crust loaf pan is super convenient and easy to maintain. It is oven, microwave, and dishwasher friendly.

upper crust ceramic loaf pan
upper crust ceramic loaf pan

Make a tart for everyone with this dish:

Here is an ellementry bestseller recommended for sharing a pie or tart. The ripple texture on the side of the tart dish adds to the overall look. Whether it’s a savoury, crumbly pie or a soft, sweet-tart, the dish is versatile. The sandy tones go well with nicely decorated desserts. You can use this as both kitchenware and serveware to create festive tablescapes.

mano ceramic round tart dish
mano ceramic round tart dish

To add more festive colours, you can pair them up with table runners and candle holders. These also make good gifts for the season, be it to someone who loves baking or someone with whom you would love to share this habit.

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