Benefits of Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Invented centuries ago, cast iron cookware is still one of the most popular cookware choices today. Dubbed the versatile workhorse, this cookware is suitable for use on all heat sources, is easy to maintain, and lasts virtually forever, making it a favourite among high-profile chefs and home chefs. However, it has been discovered that cheaply made cast iron products from disreputable companies contain traces of lead and poorer grades of iron in their construction, thus making them a health hazard and a more costly option in the long term. This is why choosing high quality cast iron cookware for your kitchen is extremely important.

Why Choose Lodge Cast Iron Cookware?

When it comes to selecting the best cast iron cookware, our choice is without a doubt Lodge Cast Iron. Made in the USA since 1896, Lodge boasts over a century of experience and are the longest-running cast iron manufacturer in the United States. Their raw cast iron cookware is made using an ancient sand molding process and a proprietary mix of molten pig iron, steel, and other ingredients. Apart from their pans being pre-seasoned and ready for cooking, they are also a cut above cheaper cast iron brands as they conduct heat better and are more durable.

Each pan, skillet, and griddle from Lodge provides even heating, natural easy-release finish, and durability to last generations. The brand believes in not simply crafting cookware, but also in making heirlooms for cooking that brings families together for generations. Read on to look at Lodge Cast Iron cookware’s unique benefits that make them stand out from other brands.

Lodge Cast Iron: Key Highlights and Unique Benefits

The ideal combination of quality, versatility, and beauty, Lodge cast iron cookware provides the perfect canvas to unleash your culinary prowess. Sear, bake and fry your way to a delicious feast for your loved ones at special events or weekday dinners. From heat source suitability to durability, here are some of the features that make Lodge one of our favourites:

Cook With Any Heat Source

Lodge cast iron cookware is conveniently usable on all kitchen stovetops, including induction, ovens, outdoor grills, and even campfires to allow you to cook wherever you are without worrying about heat sources. Going on a camping trip? Pack your cast iron pan to cook delicious dishes for dinner, and fry up a full breakfast of eggs and bacon the next morning!

Cook Almost Anything 

Sear meat, sauté vegetables, grill chicken, fry up eggs and sausages, bake cakes, cookies, and more; your Lodge cast iron cookware is up for the job. Cast iron’s versatility also makes it ideal for compact kitchens and saving on storage space in the kitchen as it eliminates the need for additional cookware.

Your Cast Iron Cookware Lasts Forever

Cast iron is extremely sturdy and durable enough to withstand vigorous use without damaging it. When cared for properly, your cast iron cookware can last a lifetime and beyond. However, if you find rust on your cast iron, don’t worry! Buff out the rusted areas and season your cookware again to make it look like new.

Pre-seasoned for Optimal Convenience

Each Lodge cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned in the manufacturing process to ensure effortless food release naturally. The best part is the non-stick properties improve as you use it. This saves you the hassle of manually seasoning your cast iron and allows you to cook with your brand new cast iron right out of the box!

Lock in Flavour and Elevate Dishes

Raw cast iron cookware is perfect for high heat cooking and retains heat well, a must-have when creating the perfect sear on your steak, making mouth-watering caramelised onions, grilling vegetables, and more. Create restaurant-worthy dishes without breaking a sweat with Lodge cast iron cookware.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Contrary to popular myths, using and maintaining your cast iron cookware is surprisingly easy and straightforward. Once your cookware is seasoned, use it like you would any other cookware. Clean up is also a breeze! After cooking, simply hand wash, dry, and rub a little oil on your cookware. To keep your cast iron cookware in good condition, re-season your cookware from time to time to maintain a pristine non-stick surface.

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