Bowls to enjoy winter bounty

What do a roaring fire, a cashmere sweater and a hearty grain bowl have in common? They all warm you to the core on a freezing winter day. Congratulations people. You all have made it to 2022 successfully. January is almost here. It’s time to make the warm and cosy dishes to enjoy the winter bounty. A hot bowl of soup, ramen noodles, salads and there are so many dishes to enjoy in bed while your favourite movie is on. Ellementry believes winter is about enjoying the hot and warm dishes with no extra fuss and effort. With its sustainable and beautiful kitchenware and serveware, the brand is giving you major winter bowl meal ideas. 

This winter takes your cookery skill a step ahead. Make delicious and ready-in-second bowl dishes to enjoy the weather thoroughly with family. Ellementry, just like its products, wants you to stay healthy come summer. We have lined up some amazing winter salad recipes to ensure you have the best winter while taking care of your health.

Winter bliss Buddha bowl from the Chriselle factor

The dish is a divine indulgence of health for fitness enthusiasts. It is filled with healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, sprouts, hemp seeds, and vegetables. You can even call it the bowl of taste as it has so many flavours.

Tomato soup

Is it even winter if you haven’t had a warm bowl of soup? Tomato soup is the go-to dish when you want to feel warm from within. It is the best easy to make a recipe that one can have at any point in time. 

Ramen noodles

A bowl of noodles will provide you with instant gratification. Prepare the best ramen with spicy sauce and your favourite veggies. Make yourself and your kids in the house happy with this instantly prepared dish. 

What Makes Your House a Home

These were some of the easiest recipes to make to enjoy the best season to its fullest. Now, you have the dishes, do you have the bowl to serve them right? Ellementry is here for the rescue. Have a look at its beautifully crafted bowls that will make your food look more delicious. 

Upper crust serving bowl

Upper crust serving bowl

Treat your salad serving with elegance. Serve the delicious and equally healthy dish in this hand-glazed mixing bowl. The size is just perfect to have a fulfilling meal just from a bowl. If not the salad, use it to have dal & rice, pasta, curry etc for dinner or lunch. Your food will look mouth-watering sitting pretty in this eye-pleasing bowl. 

Midnight mango wood bowl

You have read about bowls you can use for eating. But, what about serving? Are you planning to serve a salad from a plate? It’s a big NO. Use this midnight mango bowl instead. The salad bowl by Ellementry is beautifully handcrafted and coated with food-safe lacquer. Be it any party or a feast, your wooden bowl will never fail to impress people on the table. Use it for special meals or use it every day, it is ideal for both. 

Aqua rustic ceramic pasta bowl

Aqua rustic ceramic pasta bowl

Every child loves a cheesy white sauce pasta. Bake their favourite dish with loads of green veggies and mushrooms in this aqua rustic ceramic pasta bowl. The bowl comes with edges that let you have your fettuccine or spaghetti with ease. Christmas is here. Bake your special spaghetti recipe in this bowl and charm your guests with bowls soothing colour and recipes taste. 

Liyah brown wooden nut bowl-medium

Liyah brown wooden nut bowl-medium


You may know that having almonds and walnut is healthy during winters. It keeps you warm. Store the mixture of both in this nut bowl. It will make it easier for family members to have them any time of the day. You can also put nibbles and something to munch and serve to the guests. 

Enjoy your winter bounty with these beautiful bowls. They are perfect for everyday use and to impress the special visitors at home. Have a look at more of such charming bowls only at

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