Bring monsoon blooms to your home with the Iris collection

When the monsoons have grown over you by this time of year, you get used to looking at the blue skies and everyday blooms. As the skies are never the same again, neither are the flowers that bloom on the same tree. That is the beauty of nature. With the Iris collection by ellementry, the illustrated flora reflects the very same thing in your home. Every piece stays true to the theme but is one of its own. 

When it is time to spill the tea.

We love having a bowl of nibble-worthy snacks and tea over some conversations, especially when the skies are all blue and beautiful. Serve this in a tray that matches the mood you have created. The tray comes in multiple sizes and shapes as per your preferences. After all, your mood can brighten up like some evening blooms.

iris round tray

The blues are often known for their calmness. 

There is beauty in handpainted backgrounds and detailed flowers on the surface. You might enjoy calmness spread equally across the surfaces of crockery with the Iris collection. Unlike most cutlery holders, the one made with mango wood is nothing but a must-have during the monsoons.

iris cutlery holder

Serve with the serendipity in serenity. 

What Makes Your House a Home

When you sit across the window with a serene view, cheer yourself up by plating some foods you love. The Iris serving platter has natural blue tones which complement multiple food items, be it some chopped fruits or even snacks. It can be paired with the Iris salad bowl, if only you wish to shift from snacks to dinner really quickly. 

iris salad serving bowl

We all get amazed by the natural colours and textures in our mundane routines, because they make us feel lively and fresh. Why not surround yourself with peaceful and delicately designed decor items with every meal, snack, or when you are at home?

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