Ceramics we love during Monsoons and they love us back

As much as we love storing, cooking and serving Ceramics, they can also be your best friends during Monsoons. Don’t we like using serveware and kitchenware which is durable and easy to maintain throughout the year? Handcrafted, handpainted and shaped to serve your purpose elegantly is what the collection is about. 

Do you wonder how certain pieces from your kitchenware are adored by the guests no matter if it is a bowl or the entire collection, they make a significant difference. And of course, we have options in the Ceramics collection.

Before diving deep into the collection, you can try some of our under 500 options. It is always great, to begin with, and then you look out for the same design and style in everything you add to your home, especially when it connects with a vibe.

Moving on, time to focus on the one that matches the monsoon blues and some details you don’t want to miss out on. All you need to maintain the ceramics of upper crust collection is to handle it with love and care. The collection being bakefriendly makes it even better for you to enjoy some warm meals and snacks this cosy season. 

upper crust collection

Let the love for new beginnings grow. 

What Makes Your House a Home

Nobody thinks of monsoons without picturing lush green plants dancing to the wind and rain. Especially when you have some plants growing in your space. But what we simply hate is water dripping from pots and planters, particularly the discomfort it causes at the table. The Ort ceramic planters with a deep dish are perfect to be placed across your room or even gifted with a plant of your choice. Another thing you can do this monsoon season is switch to sustainable and handcrafted options rather than metal planters. 

Certain colours are enough to brighten up your day!

ceramic jug small polka dots lemon
ceramic jug small polka dots lemon

Monsoons often make us all hate metalware as they turn black and brown easily. However, the monsoon brings humidity, which makes us want to stay hydrated at all times. And to see a pastel blue or a lemon yellow ceramic jug on the breakfast table is a sight to make you smile. Quench your thirst with your favourite minimal patterns and colours. Ceramic jugs, moreover, never go out of style. Allow them to keep you warm as the monsoon winds blow.

ceramic jug small stripes blue
ceramic jug small stripes blue

For a huge range of varieties to explore and adore, shop now!

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