Chip & Dip for evening snacks

Chip and Dip is the easiest snack that you can make for a quick party at home. It is a bright and zesty recipe to enjoy anytime one wants. Not just for the party, the dish is perfect to have at anytime one feels like having something light yet fulfilling. The dish is loved all over the country. Who would have thought such a simple dish would win over everyone’s heart? Enjoy a little bit more with Ellementry as the brand has some fancy looking serveware to serve it in style.

This yummy snack is perfect for the moments like when you’re settling down to that long-awaited movie or a game night with friends. You would be surprised to know that there are so many ways in which you can give this international dish a desi touch. You won’t believe how simple some of these ways are.

Tips for chips:

  • Chapati: Sometimes you are left with some extra chapattis in the kitchen. Rather than considering them leftover, use them in your evening snack. You can break the leftover chapatti into small chips-size pieces and eat with your dip. One can even store the chapatti crispies in an airtight container for a few days.
  • Papad: This is one of the favourite side dishes of every Indian. Papad tastes insanely delicious solo. Imagine how wonderful it will taste with a dip. It is easy to get, and easiest to make.
  • Naans: cut your long naans into squares or triangles. Put them into a plate along with a bowl full of dip. It will become your all-time favourite snack for sure.

Tips for making dip at home In Indian style:

Onion & tomato chutney: majorly used to enhance the taste of ordinary food, The chutney made on a mortar and pestle will enhance the taste of your dip  for your chips. It anyways tastes awesome with anything and everything.

Eggplant: When it comes to an eggplant recipe, not many like to have it. But, try Baigan ka bharta made at your home as a dip. Its beautiful texture makes it just the right dipping option for crunchy chips. 

Tomato chutney: Take some tomatoes. Blend them well with thick cream. You can also use sour cream. One can never have enough of it. Not just a dip, this chutney can be used as a sandwich spread as well. The best thing is that you can store it in the fridge for a few days after preparing. 

Now that you have so many options to try as chips and dips, why don’t you look at some servewares by ellementry that will help you eat the dish in style?

Fiore ceramic chip-n-dip

fiore ceramic chip-n-dip
fiore ceramic chip-n-dip

What Makes Your House a Home

Be it a movie night or a friendly get together, the ceramic chip n dip will go with all kinds of moods. The product makes quite a celestial statement with its sky blue flowers. Pair it with other pieces of the fiore collection, and your table setting will stand out at the party.

Carbon ceramic chip-n-dip 

carbon ceramic snack platter
carbon ceramic snack platter

If you are going to have the best snacks of all time, you must have them in the best serveware for that. This ceramic snack platter comes with a hand-marbled texture. The product attracts attention and draws appreciation from everyone when you are the host of the party. Serve the spicy tangy sauce in the in-built bowl. Put some nachos or chips on the side of the platter and dip in the in-built bowl. This is all you want to start the party.

Aria chip n dip set

aria chip n dip set
aria chip n dip set

If décor and colour on the table matter to you, then you must go with this. Aria chip n dip set. It is a beautiful addition to your aesthetic kitchenware. Its colour is to die for. What makes it more eye-pleasing is the hand-painted flowers in the middle. The product is a piece of functional art. You will be glad to know that it is made of mango wood with a food-safe enamel coating & a glass dip bowl.

Eclipse ceramic chip & dip platter

eclipse ceramic chip & dip platter
eclipse ceramic chip & dip platter

Someone who values art will fall in love with this eclipse ceramic chip & dip platter in one look. The beautiful flower in the middle makes it more appealing and just right to set the mood for the snack. The colour goes well with all kinds of table settings and kitchen décor.

Relish every bite of the chips dipped in the finger-licking sauce from ellementry chip n dip platters.

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