Christmas Cheesecake Recipe: No-Bake Cheesecake with Stone Fruits

This luscious cheesecake topped with summer stone fruits is a must-try Christmas dessert!

Looking for a summer-ready dessert that is also perfect for the festive season? This creamy cheesecake beautifully contrasted with tart stone fruits is sure to wow your loved ones. Extremely versatile, you can top this easy-to-make cheesecake with any combination of your favourite stone fruits – peaches, apricots, cherries, mangoes, or raspberries, try them all this summer!

We used a MasterCraft springform cake pan for this cheesecake as the easy release function is phenomenal. However, you can also use any cake pan. This rich yet surprisingly refreshing dessert is perfect for your upcoming Christmas parties, or simply to enjoy on a hot summer day!

Serves 8 – 12

Prep time: 10 minutes | Set time: 4 – 5 hours


  • 375g scotch finger biscuits
  • 150g unsalted butter, melted
  • 250g cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar
  • 2 tablespoons gelatine
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) lemon juice
  • Assorted stone fruit, to garnish
  • 1 ¼ cups (300mls) thickened cream
  • Assorted berries, to garnish
  • Edible flowers, to garnish
  • Lemon balm micro herb, to garnish


1. Line the base of a springform cake pan with baking paper and set aside.

2. Place the scotch finger biscuits in a large snap lock bag and using a rolling pin, crush into a fine crumb. Transfer crumbs into a large mixing bowl and add melted butter. Using a cooking spoon, stir to combine and transfer into the prepared tin. Using the back of the spoon, press the crumb down firmly to create an even and flat base. Then, place it in the fridge to set.

3. Place cream cheese, caster sugar and lemon juice into a bowl and beat for 1 minute on high or until soft, smooth and free of lumps. In a separate bowl, beat thickened cream on high for 1-2 minutes or until soft peaks form and set aside.

4. Using a bowl, mix gelatin with 1/2 cup boiling water and stir. Place the mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds and continue to stir until all lumps have disappeared and the liquid is smooth.

5. Pour gelatin into cream cheese mixture and whisk to remove lumps. Next, incorporate whipped cream gently into your cream cheese mixture. Pour into the biscuit base and return to the fridge to set for 4 – 5 hours or until firm.

6. Decorate cheesecake with assorted seasonal stone fruits, berries, edible flowers, and lemon balm. Serve using a cake server.

Source: MasterCraft Bakeware

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