Complete the look of your bedroom with the Old-world charm!

We all know that a bedroom is an intimate space in our home. It is also a space to reflect your personality, keeping you comfortable and calm. Revamping a bedroom is always a daunting task. We must maintain the balance between design and furniture, as it plays a crucial role in our home. To keep it personalised and organised, ellementry has some options for you. The Old World collection can change the bedroom’s aesthetic if you love timeless furniture. 

The Old World ready to assemble bedside drawer

 For someone who prefers to keep the bedroom look minimal, do it with just a couple of pieces of decor and a drawer to keep the essentials handy. You may also add some lamps and lighting to highlight the bedside drawer. The dark brown colour is an addition to your room that can complement the look of your home. This ready-to-assemble drawer is handcrafted, durable, and sustainable. 

old world ready-to-assemble bedside drawer
old world ready-to-assemble bedside drawer

 The Old World ready-to-assemble towel holder 

We often keep our bedroom messy because clothes and blankets lie everywhere in all the corners of the room. To keep it clean and decluttered, this ready-to-assemble towel holder is the ideal stand to dry your wet towels, and maintain your woolen clothes and throws. Keep towels or rugs handy as the seasons change, whether it’s the monsoon or winter season. It also enhances the bedroom’s look. The colour and finish create an eye-catching contrast to your bedroom decor.

old world ready-to-assemble towel holder
old world ready-to-assemble towel holder

 The Old World double drawer cabinet 

What Makes Your House a Home

A drawer incorporates many storage options or solutions to keep your bedroom uncluttered. If you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe, invest in a double-drawer cabinet. Arranging your closet stuff by category will make your things look cleaner and save valuable time when you’re in a rush. Organise your space by segregating the essentials in drawers and on shelves below. The old-world collection will also add a hint of elegance to your room.

old world double drawer cabinet
old world double drawer cabinet

 The Old World Collection is filled with items that will help you create the perfect ambience for you and your guests. Check out the collection on our website

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