Enjoy an elusive winter weekend outdoor luncheon

Dining inside four walls is so outdated. This winter, try something new. Have a luncheon with your friends on an open lawn. This will be a major stress-buster for you. The weather, even though chilly, gets beautiful in winter. It might just be time to embrace the outdoor dining experience. Imagine a bonfire on the side, a beautiful dining setting and a delicious meal to enjoy, it would be just perfect to enjoy the weather to its fullest. ellementry will help you throw a beautiful luncheon in a naturally stunning ambience with its modern yet eco-friendly serveware .

This winter, take the party outside. Layer up and gather all essentials to throw a rocking weekend outdoor luncheon. There is so much that you can do. Build a crackling bonfire. Play winter games. Serve warm-you-up foods. The winter bounty will take care of the ambience. Isn’t it just your dream?

Here is a fact. If you can handle mountain cold, you can definitely handle sitting on the lawn for lunch. All you have to do is wear layers. Dress warm, sit close to roaring fire, and you will realize that you are harder than you thought. Here are some stay-warm strategies and stunning décor tips for a weekend outdoor luncheon.

Keep it hot and delicious

A barbeque is the best for an outdoor winter luncheon. Food hot from the grill will help you keep your guests warm from within. Fill your kettles with a warm beverage like tea or coffee or hot chocolate.


Keep it minimum. Cover your chairs with thermal covers and cushions. Put flowers in the middle, arrange the right tableware on the dining and viola! You are done. That’s all you need. Keep it simple yet stylish. Flowers can be bought from outside, but what about the tableware? Do you have the right kind?

What Makes Your House a Home

Do not fret if you don’t know what cutlery, plates, drinkware will go on the table setting. Ellementry have a beautiful collection that will level up your table setting. Take a look at some.

Macrame cotton table runner terracotta

table runner
macrame cotton table runner

Table runner by ellementry will add a factor of elegance and tradition to the table. Macrame cotton table runner is ideal as a foundation for table setting. Not only the colour will make your décor brighter, but the table runner will protect your table from spills and scratches as well. It is easy to wash and handle too.

Silver brass square trivet

Silver brass square trivet

Of course, you will serve hot dishes to your guests on an outdoor winter luncheon. But, make sure hot pots do not ruin your table’s finishing. The bespoke brass trivet will help you with that. It has a clean and minimal design. The product has stood immensely strong throughout the countless tests with fire. Put your hot casseroles or teapots on it to ensure your table doesn’t get ruined or have watermarks on its surface. The silver trivet is also suitable for alfresco barbeques and your home grill. Its exquisite silver lacquering makes it a collector’s favourite.

Amber love ceramic side plate

amber love ceramic side plate

The meal is incomplete without a plate. Serve delicious dishes or the starters on this amber love ceramic plate. The bright yellow base will set the mood right for the meal. For the main course, serve your home-baked pieces of bread, phulkas and other side dishes charmingly.

Amber love ceramic condiment set with wooden spoons

Amber love ceramic condiment set with wooden spoons

The yellow ceramic condiment set with a wooden spoon is the best addition to your tableware collection. It will sit pretty on your table and collect all the guests’ attention in one look. Fill the two insanely cute jars with pickle or homemade sauce. The condiment set will enhance your table décor, while chutney & pickle enhance your food’s taste. You can even fill them up with dry fruits or mouth fresheners usually taken after the meal.

ellementry has more of such artistically designed items that will help you throw the best luncheon at home.


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