Especially for your home away from home

Get inspired by the minimal and simple elements of country style for your holiday home.

We all love to celebrate our holidays outside the city in our vacation homes. It is important to unwind, take some time out for yourself, and let the space help you relax. In between the deep green mountains and colourful flora and fauna, or even by a lake and river, it is important to choose furniture, decor, and homeware that not only suit the look of your home but are also durable and comfortable.

ellementry has some options to give you from the farmhouse flair collection. The collection is a blend of multiple materials like mango wood, ecomix, terracotta, and glass.

For memorable meals on the Farmhouse flair square dining table 

We are used to having dinner in our dining rooms within closed walls. As you relax and unwind, spend time with fresh air, natural light, and the sound of birds and insects. This table is square in shape, with perfect symmetry and durable mango wood making it appropriate for indoors as well as outdoors. To complete the look, pair it with the Farmhouse flair chair The look of this chair is clean and casual. Just like each collection, this chair by ellementry is also handcrafted and sustainable. 

farmhouse flair ready-to-assemble square dining table
farmhouse flair ready-to-assemble square dining table

Let the Farmhouse flair bench keep you company as you sit by the pool

On a no-swim day, you can choose to sit on the bench and listen to some music or read a book as the water in the pool sways with the wind. And if you wish to swim, the bench will help you to rest your towels and robes on it. The white and brown colours of this furniture piece are a good addition to your porch and perch.

farmhouse flair ready-to-assemble bench
farmhouse flair ready-to-assemble bench

 Decorate your rooms with the Farmhouse flair vases

What Makes Your House a Home

As we stroll in the lawn and garden of our farmhouse, we often pick up things we want to preserve. Add these dry floral arrangements to the ecomix vases from the collection.

There is more to the Farmhouse flair vases as well as for you to enhance the spaces in your living room or even outdoors. You can always mix and match the terracotta vases with the eco mix one.

farmhouse flair ecomix vase
farmhouse flair ecomix vase

Save your snacks in the Farmhouse flair glass jars.

Don’t we always carry some snacks along with us or buy some local snacks on our way? The humidity or moisture creeps into the boxes and jars easily; hence, these jars are airtight with the help of wooden lids. They come in 2 sizes, so you can store them in the cabinets of your kitchen or even on your desks and tables. The glass makes it easier to peep at the goodies and adds elegance to the table.

farmhouse flair glass jar
farmhouse flair glass jar

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