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The time has arrived; autumn is here. Even though every region of the country faces a different climate, the transition from a hot climate to a cool breeze in the air is felt by all. We can observe the cool green leaves transform into golden, amber, and rusty red tones. This season invites us to focus on new beginnings, just as the trees around us prepare to sprout new leaves. The art on each piece stands out, even though it is inspired by the Wisteria leaves, depicting the uniqueness behind each branch and leaf.

Just as we change our self-care routines and our eating habits, why not include a collection that makes its way into our routine after being inspired by the climate?

Let’s start tidying the kitchen with a kitchen roll holder

The kitchen is often messed up while cooking. Let the kitchen tissues or foil wraps be in a secure place. The accessories and organizers should be handy. This is a hand-painted kitchen holder inspired by botanical motifs. Just like the rest of the collection, this product is made with mango wood and is food-safe. You can keep it on the kitchen platform or place it next to the shelves.

wisteria yellow kitchen roll holder
wisteria yellow kitchen roll holder

To enjoy a bowl full of comfort:

Welcoming new seasons with your comfort foods and some of the season’s favourites is a must. You can curate a healthy salad with some vegetables from your garden or even enjoy a breakfast bowl with some nuts, fruits, and seeds. The abstract circumference gives you a reason to pay attention to the details of the bowl while you enjoy the meal.  

wisteria yellow salad bowl
wisteria yellow salad bowl

Pile up your desserts on the 2-tier cake stand:

What Makes Your House a Home

There is always room for dessert, be it a cake or cupcakes. If you always look for more space and like to present your piece of work, this 2-tier cake stand is for you. The distressed white look is a great base to display all the desserts. As everyone loves to enjoy food with their eyes while choosing what to pick, impress people with the presentation from all angles. ellementry ensures there is enough space on the surface. Let it steal glances on your dinner table or on the kitchen desk, helping you decorate and garnish the food.

wisteria yellow 2 tier cake stand
wisteria yellow 2 tier cake stand

Pass it to everyone with this lazy susan:

In between the conversations and jokes happening across the table. Don’t break the link just to ask someone to pass the food you love. The food is often hot, or there is a fear of spilling food. Serve the food with comfort, and let this hand-painted, food-safe, and elegant serveware be your pick for family get-togethers or gatherings. Let the yellows and natural wood textures inspire you.

wisteria yellow lazy susan
wisteria yellow lazy susan

The best part about the collection is that it is raw, natural, and sustainable and fits into your home. Be it on an everyday basis or for a special occasion, celebrate the changing seasons with the Wisteria Yellow collection. 

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