Furniture that makes your guests feel at home

Home is a feeling of comfort, peace, and space that lets you be yourself. It is essential to be thoughtful about every piece of decor and furniture you set in your home. Let your guests feel the same.

The pieces of furniture you choose make a huge difference in your home. Even if it is a guest room, you want it to look effortless and functional while also being very easy to maintain. The holiday season is near; let your dear ones spend time with you and make themselves feel at home.

Here are some newly arrived benches, a table, and console options available for you.

The West Village two-shelved bench awaits you to welcome your guests

west village two-shelved upholstered cushion bench
west village two-shelved upholstered cushion bench

We welcome our guests but often struggle to find the perfect spot to place their shoes and essentials. Make them comfortable as soon as they enter with this cushion bunch, and let them place their shoes underneath on the shelf. This is a great addition to your entryway, passageway, or porch. The cushion is warm and comfortable enough for you to have conversations with your guests on it. Whenever you or your guests need to hurry up, let this help them be on the go. 

Bond over food at the Kafe Coffee table

kafe coffee table with metal legs
kafe coffee table with metal legs

Make a different choice with the table that helps you bond over meals. If you want to incorporate something new into your home, choose this round coffee table. It comes with metal legs and a mango wood surface. The uniqueness brought to the table is that it goes with any cutlery for any occasion. Begin your day with a breakfast or evening snack with your guest to relive some old memories.

Another West Village bench to get comfortable for this season

west village upholstered cushion bench with drawer
west village upholstered cushion bench with drawer

What Makes Your House a Home

This bench makes a great addition to the living room or even your guest room. The drawer makes it simple to tuck away some necessities, for the time being, keeping them within easy reach. Let your guests work with a view by keeping this near the window. It is also perfect to grab a blanket, place the bench in front of the screen, and enjoy a movie. The light brown colour of the mango wood enhances the texture and makes it a versatile pick for most rooms.

 Set The Farmhouse Flair console with your guest

farmhouse flair ready-to-assemble console
farmhouse flair ready-to-assemble console

If you want the room to feel open, place the console table in a corner or against a parallel wall. It comes with knock-down legs that add grace to your home. Let your guest decide if it helps them while it stays in their room or if it can be used in a balcony or living room too. Let the decor rest charmingly on this table. You can choose some flower arrangements and candles for your guests and decorate their rooms accordingly.

Sometimes, the best fits are versatile yet unique because of their design, form, and rawness. In ellementry, we have clubbed everything together for you. Add some permanent pieces to your home with an option for a wide range of sustainable and handcrafted furniture.

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