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It is officially party season. With Christmas and New Year coming up, aren’t you excited about all the parties you are going to be part of? Parties are great. They are the best way to have the best time with loved ones. You have the blast. 

Who doesn’t love a good party? Good music, delicious food and lively ambience; are the pre-requisite of a good party. Sounds easy, right! It does but the reality is the opposite. Party prep could be tiresome at times. It is no way near the blast. From cooking mouth-watering dishes to mixing pitchers of cocktails to cleaning the party space before and after, being a party host is no easy feat. ellementry is here to help you host the best party of the year with its stunningly beautiful tableware and décor pieces that will light up the ambience just by their presence. 

The best way to reduce the workload is to take shortcuts. Use DIY decoration. It will reduce your expense. Instead of calling a DDJ to play songs, prepare your playlist beforehand. For food, serve platter dishes. They are simple and do not use much tableware to serve. Just one platter and you are done. With the right ingredients- most of which can be used raw and doesn’t require cooking, party platters are the prettiest way to please the party guests. 

If you are struggling with what to serve on a platter, here are some easy to prepare and serve platter dishes that will get your party started:

Cheese Board

It is hard to go wrong with this dish. The most difficult thing about platter food is picking the best pair of food. This cheeseboard has the perfect ingredients that complement and enhance each other’s taste. It is wholesome and full of nutritional items.

Sweet and salty party patter

It is the favourite of all the platters. The sweet and salty platter is full of all the favourite munchies and fruits. Fill it with the best snack items, fruits and maybe chocolate pudding in the middle to savour with baguettes or crunchy cookies.

Dessert cheese plate

This platter is a visual delight for someone with a sweet tooth. The platter includes sliced fruits, chocolates and spreads to go with. It is full of flavours.

You have the dishes to serve your guests. All you need is appropriate platters to hold the ingredients perfectly. Have a look at some by ellementry.

Frangipani oval wooden platter (large)

serving platter
frangipani oval wooden platter(large)

What Makes Your House a Home

Add a touch of natural and traditional beauty to the modern dish like a platter with this Frangipani wooden platter. The size of the product is perfect to set numerous items in order. The hand-painted flowers on the surface make the platter more visually appealing.

Ochre mango wood platter (large)

Ochre mango wood platter (large)
Ochre mango wood platter (large)

We bet you haven’t seen a platter like this before. Its large size will allow you to create an eye-pleasing display of food items. If not the platter dishes, use it to serve home-baked pizza, snacks or nibbles.

Brunet mango wood platter (Small)

Brunet mango wood platter (Small)
Brunet mango wood platter (Small)

Every Indian gathering is incomplete without pakodas or cutlets. You cannot not serve crispy fritters to the guests. They are like the life of all food that you have kept on the table. Make cheese cutlets at home and serve them nicely on this Brunet Mango wood platter.

Silver metal platter-square

Silver metal platter-square
Silver metal platter-square

Perfect to serve nuts and chips to the guests with delicious dipping, silver metal platter will add charm to your table setting. You can use it every day and bring it out at special events like a party. It will be perfect for all sorts of meals. The beauty of this platter lies in its simplicity.

Stitch sense mango wood platter

Stitch sense mango wood platter
Stitch sense mango wood platter

Although you can serve any one of the above-suggested platter recipes, the stitch sense mango platter will be appropriate to serve a medium size pizza to the family or guests.

All the platters by ellementry are a treat for the eyes. They not only add to your décor, but they are also environment-friendly. Get your hands on more such platters only on


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