Kitchen add-ons under Rs. 500 which you might want to try next

Post the pandemic, most of us have built a stronger bond with cooking, even if it is learning how to make basic food. But for people who are new to this as well, some budget-friendly options by ellementry might elevate that experience for you. 

As it has always been believed, a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. 

Helping you cook better, cook conveniently and sustainably with kitchenwares under a budget of 500 Rs. 

After all, a kitchen is where one can find the secret ingredients to traditional and household recipes.

Let’s find some of the best sellers under 500 for your culinary skills and comfort. 

Teak wood scooper (set of 2)

Scooping out ingredients is a messy affair. Be it sugar, salt, flour, or anything from your kitchen, Ellementry makes it easier with the lightweight, sturdy and convenient choice. The teak wood blends with the neutral tones of the kitchen. Wooden kitchenware is used for ages and is loved by all for its durability and raw look. 

What Makes Your House a Home

And for times where a bigger scoop is needed, ellementry offers a teak wood scoop (large). A big share of nutrition is indeed required, for meals to be wholesome.

teak wood scooper large
teak wood scooper large

Upper crust ceramic ramekin

On dates with yourself, you have the freedom to make yourself a quick something. Be it a Creme Brulee or even some snacks to munch on, no more wastage of food, just all yours to be devoured. Use this as a dip dish or a serving bowl, with the rest of the collection. This one from the upper crust collection makes it even more simple, aesthetic and bake-friendly. 

upper crust ceramic ramekin
upper crust ceramic ramekin

Mango Spatula lifter natural

Doesn’t it get on our nerves when the rotis or parathas break as soon as we attempt to flip them? From trying out sharp steel or flimsy silicone spatulas, the wooden spatula might be the one your kitchen collection requires. They can not only handle the heat but also saves your precious pots and pans from scratches. 

mango spatula lifter natural
mango spatula lifter natural

It is never late to explore new yet traditional options in your kitchen for daily purposes. Ellementry products are food safe, long-lasting and sustainable even though you are under a budget. Upgrade your serveware with more options only on

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