Little things that make a huge difference

Little by little, it all makes sense. They are the details that make your house feel like home. Putting things together might seem like a daunting task, but not when every piece has a story behind it or is set with love. ellementry is all about revisiting the nostalgic, delicate, and aesthetic yet simple and rooted elements in your everyday life.

From a kind word from a stranger to a thoughtful gesture from a loved one, these moments can brighten our day and leave a lasting impression. By taking the time to focus on the small details and showing kindness to those around us, we can create a ripple effect of positivity and happiness in our own lives and the lives of those around us.

olive mugs 

Things connected with art always stay close. Ceramic pieces, whether as decor or kitchen serveware, add charm to the home.

Mornings and evenings are meant to sip your favourite tea or coffee. You can trace the textures of this hand painted mug, which cheers to the good things in life. Let every mug remind you of stories and people. 

olive coffee mug set of 2
olive coffee mug set of 2

oil and vinegar glass bottle

The kitchen is where most love stories with food start. Be it an original recipe or a recreation, some stories are remarkable and memorable. Whether you are a guest at a dear friend’s home or are cooking for someone, catching up after a while becomes easier as you drizzle some essentials. You may have memories associated with certain kitchen objects, similar to the clear glass oil and vinegar bottles.

eva oil & vinegar glass bottle
eva oil & vinegar glass bottle

posed dove ecomix accent – white

What Makes Your House a Home

Doves are known for their symbolism of peace, love, and freedom. This makes a great gift and is also a good decor piece that adds elegance to the look. In a room filled with different styles and aesthetics, this eggshell-coloured ecomix accent is enough to steal your guests’ attention from other things. 

Pair it with your favourite living room furniture and enhance the little things with the perfect combination of large and small.

posed dove ecomix accent - white
posed dove ecomix accent – white

kuma metal square lantern set of 2 (with t-light)

Be it an outdoor evening picnic or planning a candlelight dinner at home, protect your tea light from the wind. Don’t we all adore pieces that not only fit indoor spaces but also help us plan outdoor activities? With the weather remaining cool in many parts of the country, these Kuma little lanterns will brighten and warm your moments. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can try different combinations and dangle these lanterns from branches in your garden or even place them in the corners of your home to create a romantic trail of surprises.

kuma metal square lantern set of 2 (with t-light)
kuma metal square lantern set of 2 (with t-light)

Add small pieces to a lot of fresh starts that will make you look back and be amazed at how much of a big impact your choices made.

You can find these pieces in your nearest ellementry store as well our website

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