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Indian household has one defining characteristic. It is the hospitality. The Indian culture proudly boasts it with the popular phrase ‘Atithi Devo bhava.’ Indians have the highest regard for their guests and visitors. The saying holds the same value for both Indian and foreign guests. It’s in our blood. Indians ace at hospitality, and no one can beat that. They love to eat as well as feed others. The hearts are open to everyone who comes home. Serving guests delicious food items is what Indian households do the best. This year, serve your guests with ellementry. Brand’s sustainable and stunning serveware will help you treat your guests in a distinguished way.

Brawny oval platter

If you may recall, do you remember visiting your grandparent’s? Remember, how grandmother used to feed you all day long? Ellementry believes this tradition of serving everyone with open hearts is a gift from ancestors. The kings and queens of ancient times were warm-hearted and kind towards the people of their territory. You and your entire family take after them.

As soon as one enters an Indian home, he is offered a welcoming beverage. In south India, Rasam is popular, while in North India, it is usually lassi or lemonade during summers and coffee or ginger tea in winters. You have to serve the guest a welcome drink, says the rule. The welcome drink is then followed by light snacks and dinner if the guest is expected to stay longer. If the arrival of any guests is pre-planned, then feeling at home is no less than a festival. Mother begins to prepare meals from the morning, and you may land with the duty to clean the house. The motive here is to serve guests with warmth and comfort, along with delicious food.

glass water dispenser
glass water dispenser

Now, we have talked about serving the tradition of the country. Let’s go forward to learning how to present guests at your home:

  • Be relaxed around them. People can sense your mood. Serve them with a smile and make them feel welcomed and comfortable.
  • Serve what you think they like or what you make the best. In India, the arrival of guests is considered a lucky thing. Serve them a wholesome meal that would make them feel special and well-treated.
  • Talk politely while serving and eating with the guests. Keep them entertained, talk and laugh together.
  • It is probably the best time to use the best cutlery set in the house. Special people deserve special attention. Make them feel the same in everything you do and serve.

If you do have the right tableware to serve lunch and dinner to the guests, do not fret. Ellementry has a wide array of tableware collections that will help you in multiple ways:

Mustard 100% cotton placemat set of 6

mustard 100% cotton placemat set of 6
mustard 100% cotton placemat set of 6

Give your table setting a beautiful base using this mango mojito 100 per cent cotton placemat set of 6. The colour is perfect for all kinds of meal settings. Use it for lunch or dinner. The linen will enhance the overall look of the table. It will give your table setting a texture and add elegance and tradition. Do not worry about spills and stains on the table, as the table runner will protect it from external damage.

Fiore ceramic dinner plate

Fiore ceramic dinner plate

What Makes Your House a Home

Along with what food you are serving, what serveware you are preferring to serve matters equally. Maintain your standard and reflect your lifestyle. Give your table setting a heavenly backdrop of sky blue lowers with fiore. Use it for lunch or dinner, adorn your everyday meal and blend elegance with scrumptious food. Pair it with other pieces from the collection to complete the look.

Aura silver cutlery set of four

Aura cutlery set of four
Aura silver cutlery set of four

The four-piece fancy cutlery set is a combination of beauty and functionality. When your cutlery set is beautiful and easy to handle, you enjoy your meal a little extra. Made from high-quality stainless steel with a matt finish, this cutlery has a chic design that will never go out of style. It is perfect for everyday use as well as for any special occasion. 

Midnight mango wood bowl

Midnight mango wood bowl

If your guests are health-conscious, make them the best and the favourite salad using this stunning midnight mango wood salad bowl. The complete matt black look will bring sophistication to the table. This bowl is quite a looker on the table.

Serve your food with a smile and ellementry for your guests. Their exquisite collection will amaze you on

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