Magic created by verde marble

Small gestures can help strengthen and distinguish your relationships. We are often a little confused or busy as to how to put our love into words. In such situations, the right people always remember that actions speak louder than words.

To express such emotions, let’s begin in the kitchen. The newly launched collection by ellementry, the verde marble can help you communicate when you cannot word it.

Using this mortar and pestle, you can create the perfect formula for your taste

It is believed that the taste and magic in your hands permeate the food you prepare. The firm marble, with the unique green swirls on it not only inspires you but makes the cooking process easier. In this verde marble mortar and pestle, combine your favourite ingredients exactly how you and your loved ones prefer. Mortar pestles are not only strong and firm but also super functional and easy for day-to-day life. Hand make a tea for them, make a dessert topping, or even a chutney as per the season.

verde marble mortar & pestle
verde marble mortar & pestle

Present your masterpieces as works of art with this cheese board

Every time you remember someone’s favourite food and make it to cheer them up, you are one step closer to them. Presenting it with style and space as a surprise is a great option. The brass adds a touch of uniqueness and shine. Let the Udaipur green marble help you make someone’s day. It’s simple to clean and maintain; just be gentle with the soap you use.

verde marble cheese board
verde marble cheese board

Keep your essentials handy with the utensil holder

What Makes Your House a Home

Although it is a utensil holder, it doesn’t limit you. Placing this in your kitchen helps you store your cutlery and kitchen tools. You can keep it on your dining table so that you and your family won’t have to get up while enjoying meals. The parallel lines on the utensil holder are carved with brass to add a touch of glimmer to simple and mundane activities. This makes a great gift if you are looking for form and function.

verde marble utensil holder
verde marble utensil holder

With this holder, you can keep your home clean and tidy

No matter if you are cooking for the whole family or being a sous chef, you can maintain the tidiness of your space with this kitchen towel holder. This is a combination of wood and marble with a hint of brass inlay. As you prepare for a little mess in the kitchen, ellementry assists you in maintaining the appearance. Be it during a celebration or while experimenting with food, keep your hands and surfaces clean. You can place this on your countertops as per your liking.

verde marble kitchen roll holder
verde marble kitchen roll holder

Let the green colour soothe your eyes and help you get through every day with the people you love. Shop the entire collection on our website or visit your nearest store.

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