Making your space ready for festivities

It is that time of the year when a relay of festivals begins. The time when you can skip on your diets and hog on traditional sweets often. The time of the year when you run out of your ethnic clothes and need to go shopping. Indians love their culture and hosting guests, ellementry helps you elevate the experience for these gatherings.

No amount of guests are too much. 

Every member of the house has an endless list of guests to invite. That is what makes Indian festivals better. When it is time to bump into relatives and friends, let them be a part of some interesting conversations. Keep a comfortable chair around, enough for them to drag it to the favourite spot and crowd. Let them lean back and have a great time.

west village cane chair
west village cane chair

To enjoy the traditions and delicacies with your loved ones.

They say, dishes offered to god just taste even more divine and delightful in ways you cannot explain. And definitely, the table is filled with multiple dishes, making you full just by looking at it. And suddenly, every chair and every table counts. Why not make everyone a part and invest in a beautiful, handcrafted dining table

lei pan ready-to-assemble dining table
lei pan ready-to-assemble dining table

 Every house shines when the festivities take place.

After you have set the space the way you wanted, why not ornate the place with everything you love? Along with your beautiful cutlery across the table, add some decor pieces which reflect your design aesthetics. ellementry offers a variety of table decor, maybe a small planter to add some beautiful foliage and earth to your dining experience. If you are a candle lover, an aromatic tea light candle holder or candle stand to support your favourite pillar candles would be perfect especially when the guests are staying for the night and the conversations are still ongoing.

fleur d'or candle stand small
fleur d’or candle stand small

Incomplete without desserts.

What Makes Your House a Home

No occasion is complete without a dessert in the end. Calories consumed during festivals are not counted by most of us. Be it a bite of traditional sweet or a complete platter to be devoured, let your guest be mesmerised by it. For the uncountable desserts and appetisers, select the finest wooden items from ellementry. 

frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter
frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter

Every house has a different way of celebrating festivities, but bringing culture and people together remains constant. Make your home lively and dazzling with home decor and furniture pieces. 

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