Mug-friendly is the new approach

Winters are incomplete without a warm recipe served in a mug cupped between your palms. Sweater weather, hoodies, and layers of clothing are always comforting, as is a delicious and hot meal or drink at all times. And if you crave a quick dessert, mugs can serve you that as well.

Here are some options by ellementry that you can try out this season.

Let’s begin with some love 

Everyone brews coffee or serves their tea in a mug. But with a set of two, perhaps it is time to experiment with beginning your day with breakfast in a mug. Let the amber love ceramic mug add some colour and design to your mood. Add some oats or granola with some milk, honey, or maple syrup for a sweet touch. You can also make your overnight oats with some seasonal favourites like strawberries, blueberries, or nuts! The mustard adds a hint of warmth, but with beige hand-marbled exteriors, it will go with your wooden shelf.

amber love ceramic mug

When you need a quick yet delicious meal in a mug

Some aromas are enough for you to feel comfortable. It could be a workday or a day off to relax during the weekend. A perfect lunch or dinner that can be made easily in the oven or microwave is mac and cheese. When friends or family drop by unexpectedly, you don’t want to miss out on moments with them by being in the kitchen for a very long time. Cook as well as serve in these striped mugs with lids; they come in a blush pink colour which adds to the overall experience.

ceramic mug stripes w/wdn lid blush
ceramic mug stripes w/wdn lid blush

Stir some soup for the soul

In this season, almost everyone has a cup of soup. Isn’t it the ideal way to get vegetables and nutrients in a mug, even if you don’t like it on its own? Whether it is a creamy vegetable soup like potato and pumpkin or a spicy hot and sour soup, pour it out in this coral coloured solid mug. A rustic reef ceramic mug also makes a great serveware item for children, who can enjoy their favourite flavours in a mug as it comes with a lid, making it difficult to spill.

rustic reef ceramic mug with wooden lid
rustic reef ceramic mug with wooden lid

For a dessert that is easily loved by the world

One of the easiest recipes to make in your microwave or oven is a mug cake. This is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. There are variations, like a chocolate mug cake or brownie, or even a vanilla mug cake, that can be devoured to end your day. It not only looks nice with some frosting and toppings you like, but it also adds a personal touch. Share the earth ceramic mug with your loved ones, as it comes in a set of two. Get mesmerised by the blue and white swirls as you end your day.

the earth ceramic mug set of two

These ceramic mugs are easy to maintain as they are dishwasher-safe. Just give them your love and handle them with care. Shop them and redeem the ongoing offer, visit our store or check out our website.

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