Serveware that reveals the rustic charm of natural wood

For some, cooking and serving are art that can never be taken for granted. While for some giving their kitchen and hospitality a creative flair is essential. Hospitality is an in-built skill in every Indian. People in our country open their hearts to the guests. It is because ‘Guest is God’ for them. Making visitors feel comfortable and well-fed is a tradition that has been in the country for as far as a human can remember. Whatever be the reason, more and more people are now indulging and investing in natural wooden tableware. They undoubtedly bring out the best of our culture. 

ellementry, a sustainable brand, leads individuals toward more eco-friendly products without compromising style and function. Wooden serveware is a perfect way to add an element of sustainability to your everyday living.

 Serveware play a pivotal role in making the guests love the food. The way your table is prepared for the meal says a lot about your hospitality and your serveware sets the mood for the meal. Why do you think you like to eat in a restaurant more than at home? It is their table setting that you love and attracts you the most. 

Explore the newly launched serveware from ellementry that adds a touch of natural beauty to your table. 

Umber leaf wooden platters

Umber leaf wooden platters

These multi-functional platters come in two different sizes. The Umber Leaf Oval Platters made of Arjan wood draw inspiration from the beauty of nature. The leaf shape gives these platters an artistic charm. You may use them to serve dry snacks, mithais or small canapes or keep your everyday essentials like daily wear jewellery, spectacles, medicines, and more. Serve your guest with pride and a smile using a leaf wooden platter by ellementry.

Umber leaf wooden chip N dip platters

Umber leaf wooden chip N dip platter

What Makes Your House a Home

These chip N dip platters are of Arjan wood that lends a rustic and natural feel. The contrast between the brown wood and the marble dip bowl makes them stunning. Apart from being used as a chip and dip, both the platters are perfect as plates and dip bowls as single-serving bowls to serve snack food like pita bread and salsa dip, sandwiches & salad and more.

Brawny oval platter

Brawny oval platter

This chunky oval platter is a piece of functional art. You may use it to serve snacks, as a salad platter, serve nachos, dry fruits, chips and more. Be as creative as you can. We understand it is only a platter, but its design makes it a piece of decor. Serve your special salad with elegance in this beautiful and handcrafted platter by ellementry.

Butcher board

Butcher board

The butcher board by ellementry is perfect to make your winter evening soulful. From slicing a hearty loaf of freshly baked bread to finely chopped vegetables for the warm soup to a cheeseboard to a snack platter, this ellementry butcher board lends itself to many uses. The product is just perfect for daily use. It also takes your everyday cooking to a new and sophisticated level.
Brawny cutlery holder

Brawny cutlery holder

ellementry believes in sustainable designs where one product can do multiple roles, and this brawny cutlery holders is a perfect example of that. This three-portion cutlery holder is perfect for instantly enhancing the dining table beauty. Apart from being a cutlery holder, this can look stunning on your study table to keep your stationery organized. It will store all kinds of items proudly and in style. 

Learn the art of serving from ellementry. The brand knows how tables and the kitchen are illuminated with luxury and simplicity just by kitchenware made from natural wood. The natural material adds authenticity and keeps one’s cultural values alive. The brand has a wide range of collection. Explore on or visit the store. Just be ready to be awe-struck with stunning designs. 

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