Setting the mood for love

The month of love is soon to arrive! You want to take time out of your schedule and celebrate love. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, if you’re looking to fill your home with warmth and happiness, here are some ways to keep the relationship fresh.

A coffee maker kick starts your day with love

The romantic atmosphere created by coffee moments can make your conversations go on for longer. For a coffee lover who is now beyond just tossing a couple of poured teaspoons of coffee and wants to nail their morning brew, a coffee maker makes a great coffee gift for Valentine’s day. The brass construction of the product gives it a timeless, vintage appeal that is sure to impress. The combination of style and functionality makes it a gift that is sure to be appreciated and used for years to come. 

oro brass filter coffee maker
oro brass filter coffee maker

Sharing love over a drink

Valentine’s day can mean something different to all of us. For those who have been together longer, it often becomes a time of year to rekindle old romantic traditions. The gift of a wine cooler bucket is a thoughtful way to reflect on all of the shared milestones and memories you’ve created together. This occasion is also well-suited for a romantic dinner, where a red wine or a cocktail blends with a candlelit dinner, or even a sparkling wine, such as Champagne, is perfect for a toast to your love. 

fryst wooden bottle cooler with glass insert
fryst wooden bottle cooler with glass insert

A setting of romance

The gaiyo table lamp can be mesmerising and magical, adding the special ambiance needed on Valentine’s Day. Lighting is key when it comes to setting the mood. Soft, warm lighting creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere. You can achieve this by using table lamps to create a more subdued ambiance. However, table lamps can also be placed in the living room or dining room. The warm glow of the lamp can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a romantic dinner or a cosy night with your loved one.

gaiyo table lamp with shade
gaiyo table lamp with shade

A cake for the date 

What Makes Your House a Home

The cake stand is a great way to show your love for the people that mean the most to you. They allow us to share joyous memories over good food and even better company. 

The rustic, handmade feel of a ceramic stand can evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity, making it the perfect centrepiece for a romantic dinner or intimate gathering. When setting the table for a romantic dinner, use the ceramic cake stand as a centrepiece. Fill it with fresh fruits or baked goods, and add a few candles or flowers to create a beautiful and inviting display. 

the earth ceramic cake stand
the earth ceramic cake stand

From lighting to colour schemes, textures, and gifting, there are many ways to create a warm and inviting space that is perfect for a romantic evening. So, to make the occasion very special, you can visit an ellementry store or see our website for more choices to create a special ambiance for your loved one and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

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