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Be it your cosy apartment, your ancestral home, or the house you have lived in for ages, your home is where your heart is. Have you tried moving or replacing certain furniture to add more style to your space? Every change and addition to your collection brings out a new emotion and feeling in your routine. Some classics, especially sustainable and handcrafted wooden furniture, are great picks for your home.

We love to have storage in everything, so why not do it with style?

There is nothing like too much design when it is hand carved on wood. Along with the wooden pieces you love, be it your living room, bedroom, or workspace, this newly launched triple chest drawer is going to be a unique pick.

oyma triple chest drawer with metal legs
oyma triple chest drawer with metal legs

This is your sign to incorporate some lovely pieces of furniture into your home.

Place the two-door cabinet parallel to your favourite wall to store some crockery and everyday items. The hand-woven cane cabinet allows you to bring old-world charm into your home. If you had visited your ancestral homes, you might have seen such pieces. Fall in love with the texture and nostalgia all over again. You can place your favourite lamp, some flowers, or even books on it.

west village two door cabinet
west village two door cabinet

Serve style to your guests.

What Makes Your House a Home

Don’t you just hate going back and forth while you set up your dining table? Serving is made simpler, classier, and more stylish. Add to the wooden aesthetic with your room decor. The Bruno collection offers a trolley large enough for you to place your food and alcohol on it. And if you need to serve on the go while the guests wait across the living room, this is super convenient.

bruno bar trolley
bruno bar trolley

Add more of Bruno’s collection to store your favourite drinkware.

Place your wooden cabinet on the metal stand to elevate the look and make it stand out from your regular bar cabinet. For the finest wine collection, the Bruno Bar cabinet is spacious and classy. Place it in your bar room or even in your living room for it to complement the space and room decor.

bruno bar cabinet with metal stand
bruno bar cabinet with metal stand

Let these things never go out of style and make your home part of the everlasting trend. To shop more, visit our website

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