The benefits and care of using glassware

Glassware is used in every household and is extremely popular for its appearance and elegance. Glass is known to accentuate the colours and enhance the experience of enjoying the beverage. Everything adorable requires protection, including the Midori collection, the latest ellementry launch.


Although glass is delicate to handle, its maintenance is not very tedious. Just to be careful and increase the durability and shelf life, make sure you have these tips in mind:

  1. Always use some soapy water and a sponge to clean the glass bottle or glass tumbler.
  2. It is suggested to use warm water instead so that the glass does not face a thermal shock due to a sudden change in temperature.
  3. Handwash the glass gently 
  4. If you use a glasswasher, make sure you keep it on a glass rack and not on a flatware rack or plate.
  5. After washing the glasses, keep them in an upright position and let them air dry whenever possible.
Midori jove tumbler set of 2 (short)
Midori jove tumbler set of 2 (short)

For a sustainable life, people have switched from plastic to glass bottles. A glass bottle is recyclable and reusable without deteriorating the quality and purity of the content in the bottle. Glass vessels are free from contaminants. We have all experienced unpleasant odours or rust from plastic or metal vessels, respectively.

Everyday glass bottle with blue glass stopper
Everyday glass bottle with blue glass stopper

See through the beauty

If you need to add colour and love glassware, the calm green colour reflects positivity and freshness. Pour some water from the Midori crown bottle into the tumbler, and begin your day. The transparent glass will help you track the amount of water you’ve consumed throughout the day. 

Midori crown bottle with tumbler
Midori crown bottle with tumbler

 Stay hydrated in style

What Makes Your House a Home

If you are looking for a unique look and want to pour out a drink in absolute style, ellementry’s carafe with tumbler will help you stay hydrated. You can add some fresh lemon, cucumber slices, or even fresh juices. Rest it across your study or work desk.

Midori carafe with tumbler
Midori carafe with tumbler

Place the glassware in your room, on your dining table, or even on kitchen countertops. After realising the simplicity of using and maintaining glassware, it is definitely worth investing in some new glassware.

Make sure you keep it away from abrasive materials and be careful if you have clumsy hands.

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