The Best Champagne Glasses to Raise a Toast in Style

Whether birthdays, anniversaries, wedding parties, graduations, or special occasions like a New Year’s Eve party, celebratory moments are the perfect time to pop a bubbly. The effervescent drink is known to bring much delight from the sound of a bottle popping to the way bubbles rise up a champagne glass, and the sparkling sensation created on the tastebuds.

However, did you know that your choice of champagne glassware plays a key role in how you experience your drink? It doesn’t matter if you’re sipping on sparkling wine, cava, prosecco, or crémant, get the most out of your sparkling alcoholic beverage with the right type of glassware.

What type of glass is best for champagne?

Champagne coupes, flute glasses, and tulip glasses are the best for serving champagnes.

1. Champagne coupe glasses

The coupe glass is known for its shallow and broad bowl on a stemmed body. 

Pros of coupe glasses Cons of coupe glasses
Aerates champagne thanks to its large bowl Large bowl causes bubbles to dissipate quickly
Great for champagne fountains Aroma disperses quickly due to large surface area
Champagne warms faster as hands hold the bowl

2. Champagne flute glasses

Flute glasses feature a sleek, slender body with a stemmed bottom.

Pros of flute glasses Cons of flute glasses
Preserves carbonation for longer with its slim body Slim body does not allow champagne to aerate effectively
Easy to hold and manage Prone to breakage due to shape
Bubbles travel from base to top, creating an attractive visual Narrow rim may be challenging to pour champagne in
Modern and stylish Can be difficult to clean by hand

3. Champagne Tulip Glasses

Tulip glasses are stemmed and have a wider bowl that narrows towards the rim, similar to the shape of a Tulip bulb. 

Pros of tulip glasses Cons of tulip glasses
Wide bowl promotes aeration Prone to breakage in the dishwasher due to tall, stemmed body
Allows aromatics to develop for better enjoyment
Narrow rim preserves bubbles in glass for longer
Stylish and modern appearance

What’s the difference between each champagne glass?

The most significant difference between each glass is how their shape contributes to varying drinking experiences.

For example, if you’re the type of drinker that wants to savour the different layers of your champagne, the coupe glass is more suitable as its broad bowl will help to aerate your drink so it can open up for a fuller taste. However, champagne coupes are known to make sparkling alcohols go flat quickly. If you’re in a setting where you are slowly sipping champagne over hours of conversation and food, the coupe glass may deliver a great taste, but with much less bubbles for your enjoyment.

In contrast, champagne flute glasses are great for preserving your sparkling alcohol’s carbonation. The slender shape of champagne flutes encourages the flow of bubbles, but does not do much to develop your drink’s flavour and aroma. Nevertheless, watching the bubbles congregate at the base of the glass before travelling upwards is a visual aesthetic that adds a nice touch to celebratory moments. Flute glasses are also stylish and sleek to hold, and because you hold them by the stem, the warmth from your fingers will not touch the bowl and cause your drink to warm up quickly. This makes champagne flutes perfect for long lunches, special occasions, and parties. 

Tulip champagne glasses strike a sweet spot between coupe glasses and flute glasses. Tulip glasses are meant to be held by the stem, making them effective for preserving the temperature of your champagne for longer. These glasses also have a wider bowl to give your drink the space it needs to open up for a fuller taste profile. The tapered rim helps to contain the aromatics of your drink within the glass, and the tall body means you still can enjoy the theatrics of your champagne bubbles travelling up the glass. 

What are the best materials for champagne glasses?

Champagne glasses are typically either made from crystal or standard glass. 

Crystal champagne glasses: These type of glasses are considered to be fine glassware. Crystal champagne glasses are clearer and more brilliant than standard glass. They are also thinner to allow your drink to flow smoothly from glass to lips for a more pleasant drinking experience. These glasses however require more attention and care, requiring you to handwash them. 

Standard glass: Champagne glasses made from standard glass usually come at a more affordable price point. These glasses have a thicker material which can feel obstructive to the drinking experience. However, standard glass is known to be more durable – great for offering you the convenience of being dishwasher safe. 

Which occasions call for which types of champagne glasses?

Weddings, formal events, special occasions, and dinner parties – this is the best time to bring out your vintage champagne glasses and designer ones! But be sure that your guests can be trusted to be careful with your fancy champagne glasses. If not, it may be wiser to keep your most precious glasses to an intimate dinner date with a loved one. 

Picnics, beach days, and outdoor dining – having fun outdoors also means being prepared for mishaps and accidents. Stick to plastic champagne glasses or melamine champagne tumblers on these days. These types are less prone to breakage and less likely to cause injuries. If you would still like to use a champagne glass when outdoors, opt for stemless champagne glasses as these are easier to manage. 

Casual, everyday use – no rules here! Use whichever glass makes you the happiest as you enjoy your bubbly! 

Still in search of the right champagne glass set for your home? See below for our favourites and why we love them! 

Our Top 6 Picks for the Best Champagne Glasses

Best Stemless Champagne Glass: Krosno Harmony Stemless Flute 230ml

Coming from Krosno’s Harmony range, the Harmony Stemless Flute is a testament to Krosno’s founding desire to deliver timeless designs to a modern world. Krosno boasts over a century of craftsmanship that has been perfected by generations of Polish glassblowers over the span of a 1000 years. This is visible in the Harmony Stemless Flute with its simple yet versatile shape that will remain on-trend through the years. The sleek lines and curved shape of this flute makes it easy to hold in the hand. The curved body tapers towards the rim to focus the aromatics of your champagne on your nose, while the long shape of the flute helps to promote the flow of bubbles to deliver the best of your drink’s sparkling sensation. 

Why we love the Krosno Harmony Stemless Flute: 

  • Timeless shape that will remain trendy through time 
  • Versatile design that is suitable for serving a wide range of drinks 
  • Tapered rim focuses aromatics on nose for you to savour your champagne’s aromas
  • Stemless shape is easy to hold and less prone to breakage 
  • Dishwasher safe, convenient for everyday use 

Best Shatterproof Champagne Glass: Bodum Oktett Durable Champagne Flute Glass

The Bodum Oktett Durable Champagne Flute Glass is a fantastic option for outdoor use. With its lightweight plastic body, these champagne flutes won’t shatter or crack, making them extremely durable and great for picnics, beach days, garden parties, or camping trips. Made from BPA-free material, these flute glasses will preserve your champagne’s carbonation for a longer time. The slender, narrow shape also gives you the well-loved aesthetic of champagne flutes but with none of the fragility. Easily pop these glasses into the dishwasher for an easy clean. After its lifetime, these environmentally friendly glasses can also be recycled.

Why we love the Bodum Oktett Durable Champagne Flute Glass:

  • Shatterproof glasses that will not break or crack 
  • Carefree glasses that maintain their clarity with extended use 
  • Flute shaped to preserve your champagne’s bubbles for longer
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use
  • Lightweight and BPA-free 
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Environmentally friendly – can be recycled after use

Best Champagne Coupe Glass: Pasabahce Timeless Champagne Saucer 255ml 

Made in Turkey, the Pasabahce Timeless Champagne Saucer is made from hospitality grade sodalime glass to offer you a stylish glass fit for special occasions. These coupe glasses are especially beautiful for champagne towers, with the cut glass design adding an elegant, decorative pattern that will be striking for celebrations. These glamorous champagne saucers are made in Poland by Pasabahce, one of Turkey’s leading glassware manufacturers with over 80 years of experience. The wide bowl of the glass allows your champagne to aerate effectively while the generous depth means that each glass is able to hold up to 255ml of your favourite bubbly. 

Why we love the Pasabahce Timeless Champagne Saucer: 

  • Timeless coupe shape that is great for champagne towers 
  • Decorative cut glass design that is stylish and elegant 
  • Broad bowl allows champagne to aerate effectively 
  • Classy and chic to drink out of 
  • Made from hospitality grade sodalime glass 
  • Dishwasher safe 

Best Champagne Flute Glass: RCR Crystal Melodia Champagne Flutes 160ml Set of 6

The RCR Crystal Melodia Champagne Flute merges the best of vintage champagne glass styles with state-of-the-art Italian quality. A glassware icon in its own right, the Melodia range has amassed wide popularity for its beautiful pressed design. This champagne flute is made using ultraclear crystal glass for exceptional brilliance and clarity. The glass boasts a lighter construction while still being extraordinarily resistant to breakages for a great option for everyday use or entertaining stylishly. Made from RCR’s own unique eco-crystal, these environmentally friendly glasses are 100% recyclable too. 

Why we love the RCR Crystal Melodia Champagne Flutes:

  • Sleek flute shape to preserve bubbles for longer 
  • Classy, vintage-style pressed glass design for a timeless and eternal aesthetic 
  • Made from ultraclear crystal glass for exceptional brilliance and clarity 
  • Lightweight yet durable construction that is fortified against breakages 
  • 100% recyclable crystal glass that is environmentally friendly 
  • Dishwasher safe for an easy clean 
  • Made in Tuscany, Italy with state-of-the-art techniques 

Best Tulip Champagne Glass: Riedel Performance Champagne Glass 375ml

Unlike a flute glass, the Riedel Performance Champagne Glass is a gorgeous crystal tulip glass designed to help develop the complex characteristics of your favourite bubbly. This egg-shaped glass has a wider bowl to give your drink the room it requires to breathe and open up while the broad rim facilitates the release of your drink’s aromatics. The glass also features a ‘sparkling point’ to encourage the formation of bubbles so you can enjoy your bubbly in its full excellence. As the first brand in history to recognise that glass shape can affect the taste and aroma of your drinks, you can trust that you will be in good hands with your Riedel glass. 

Why we love the Riedel Performance Champagne Glass: 

  • Egg-shaped bowl helps to develop and open up drink
  • Broad rim facilitates the release of your champagne’s aroma 
  • Features a ‘sparkling point’ to encourage the formation of bubbles 
  • Sleek laser cut rim for easy sipping 
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning 
  • Made in Germany 

Best for Everyday Use: Tempa Aurora Stemless Champagne Set 250ml

Coming from Tempa’s bestselling range, the Tempa Aurora Stemless Champagne Set is a fun selection to use in any occasion. These glasses come with a modern chrome finish that lends to their uniqueness and stylish appearance. With a stemless construction, these glasses are also easy to hold and handle, and great for minimising spillages at home. Available in a variety of colours, these glasses are also easy to mix and match and will make a wonderful gift option.

Why we love the Tempa Aurora Stemless Champagne Set: 

  • Stylish chrome finish that is perfect for the modern home 
  • Stemless design makes it easy to use and minimises spillages
  • Available in a variety of colours and finishes for you to mix and match according to your style

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