The Right Maxwell & Williams Dinner Set For You

Whether you’re purchasing your first dinner set or looking to elevate your current tablescape, Maxwell & Williams has something for everyone. The right Maxwell & Williams dinner set will not only showcase your dishes in style, it also sets the tone for your events.

Maxwell & Williams

Maxwell & Williams has been an iconic Australian homeware brand since the 1990s, offering everything from tableware to glassware, cutlery, kitchenware, and home and living essentials. Officially launched in 1996 with the White Basics range, the brand has since expanded to include a vast range of everyday use dinner sets to cater to all styles and needs, with many ranges produced in collaboration with other well-known artists too. Built upon the foundation of exceptional quality and ranges that define lifestyles, Maxwell & Williams dinner sets have garnered recognition globally with their products sold in more than 500 retail locations in Australia and around 40 markets worldwide.

Why We Love Maxwell & Williams

Proudly Australian designed, Maxwell & Williams feature many highly collectible collections that celebrate local artists and showcase flora and fauna native to Australia. With an extensive selection in terms of material, design, practicality, and complementary pieces, the brand provides effortless customisation to suit your personal style and needs. Maxwell & Williams’ extensive range of high quality tableware is also suitable for everyday use and ideal as staple pieces in your home for years to come.

What to consider when choosing a dinner set?

When selecting the right dinner set for your household, there are a few factors to consider. The place setting, the tableware style, and the material of your dinner set should be your main focus. Depending on how often you entertain, your home aesthetics, and the level of convenience you’re looking for, your perfect dinner set will be very personal to you.

Determine the place setting you want

For the average household, we usually recommend the 12-piece dinner set as it is great for entertaining guests and everyday use. If you’re one to host large dinner parties, you may want to select a dinner set with at least 6 place settings, or you may also get 2 dinner sets with 4 place settings depending on your household size and how often you host dinner parties.

12-piece Dinner Set: this set comes with side plates, dinner plates, and bowls for a party of 4, perfect for everyday use in smaller households.

16-piece Dinner Set: featuring side plates, bowls and mugs for 4 persons, this set is versatile enough for enjoying any meal of the day, making it ideal for families.

18-piece Dinner Set: complete with side plates, dinner plates, and bowls for 6, this set is ideal for setting the table for a dinner party and great for larger households.

Which dinner set style should you get?

Maxwell & Williams dinner sets range from understated to more elaborate dinner sets to suit different tastes and preferences. The dinner set you choose would preferably reflect your personal style and make you excited to create the ultimate tablescape. Here are some other things to consider:

Casual or formal style?

Casual dinnerware usually feature contemporary styles and shapes to complement home or restaurant settings, and can come in any place setting setup. For example, a casual place setting may include coupe style or organic shape dinner plates, side plates, salad plates, and teacups with saucers. On the other hand, formal dinners call for more refined dinner sets with classic shapes that usually feature rims. Your formal place setting may comprise rimmed dinner plates, bread plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and teacups with saucers.

What’s the difference between coupe and rimmed?

Coupe plates and bowls are concave shaped, ideal for serving dishes that require no cutting. These dinnerware pieces are designed for more casual dining settings, perfect for serving stews, pasta, rice, and other dishes.

On the other hand, rimmed plates are designed for serving dishes with liquids which may splash during dinner. Dinnerware with rims are usually used for formal settings, ideal for banquets and other celebrations. Maxwell & Williams dinner sets come in a variety of rimmed and coupe designs for dining in style.

Simple staple pieces or decorated pieces?

If showcasing your food creation is the goal, you may want to choose simple dinnerware in white from the White Basics range so as to not take attention away from the real star – your dishes! So easy to mix and match with other dinnerware, enjoy a unique table setting every time with different configurations when you use the White Basics collection. For those with a penchant for art, Maxwell & Williams also designs stunning dinnerware featuring vibrant and intricate artwork from artists for you to add a personal flair to your table setting.

Which Dinner Set Material should I choose?

Fine Bone China Dinner Sets

Fine bone china dinnerware is made with the inclusion of bone ash, making them non-porous, translucent, and highly durable. Fine bone china dinnerware is beautiful and luxurious, perfect for more formal dining settings.

Porcelain Dinner Sets

Porcelain dinner sets are durable and non-porous with a glaze finish, great for dinner parties. Made from feldspar, quartz, and kaolin, porcelain dinner sets are simple to maintain and the choice for restaurants and home use.

Stoneware Dinner Sets

Stoneware dinner sets are made from clay with thicker rims and sometimes organic shapes, a must for the rustic home. This dinnerware type is more affordable than porcelain or fine bone china dinner sets, and also more suited for casual dinners with the whole family.

Our Favourite Maxwell & Williams Dinner Sets

Porcelain Dinner Sets

1. White Basics Diamonds

The Maxwell & Williams White Basics Diamonds dinner set is a classic white tableware option with an understated elegant touch. Made to complement any table setting and home decor, this lovely dinner set is made to impress. Beautifully crafted from high quality porcelain and embossed with rippling faceted patterns, each piece in this set is designed to highlight the intricacies and colours of your dishes. It is safe to use in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher, great for everyday use, and designed to pair perfectly with any table setting while serving as a lovely accent.

2. White Basics Tribeca Coupe


Adorn your home with clean, fresh dinnerware with the White Basics Tribeca Coupe dinner set from Maxwell & Williams. Truly everyone’s culinary canvas, the Tribeca Coupe collection is perfect to complement all your cooking creations. Effortlessly stylish, this crisp white, rimless, low profile collection is great for everyday dining and ideal for entertaining guests. It is safe to use in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher – a high quality dinner set that is sure to please.

3. White Basics European Rim

The White Basics European Rim dinner set is clean and crisp with an all white body – great as a classic staple for contemporary homes. The all white dinner set features a subtle European rim that is perfect for showcasing your dishes in style. Freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe, this collection also offers optimal convenience. Ths simple yet elegant porcelain dinnerware is sure to make your dinner party a sophisticated affair.

4. White Basics Fitzrovia Coupe

Designed with everyday use in mind, the White Basics Fitzrovia Coupe collection from Maxwell & Williams is simple and classy, ideal for casual dinners or special events. Featuring beautiful contemporary shapes, this white collection features a coupe body that will add a layer of casualness to an otherwise special occasion. This sophisticated porcelain collection is also microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe, and so easy to mix and match with other dinnerware in countless combinations.

5. White Basics Cosmopolitan Rim

The White Basics Cosmopolitan Dinner Set from Maxwell & Williams is perfect for formal occasions and great for everyday dining. Featuring rimmed plates and flared edges on the bowls, this collection will surely elevate your dinner events while being a great staple or starter range for any home. Made from porcelain with superior quality, this dinner set is also microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe for added convenience.

6. Radiance

Stunningly inspired by the rays of the sun, the Radiance collection features elegant slide ridges down the sides of each piece for a modern textural finish. Versatile and easy to use, these beautiful porcelain pieces will make a sleek and elegant addition to your home. Conveniently microwave and dishwasher safe too, the Radiance collection is sure to brighten up your table setting.

Fine Bone China Dinner Sets

1. Cashmere Resort Coupe

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant dinner set to easily mix and match with your other tableware, then the Cashmere Resort dinner set by Maxwell & Williams is perfect for you. Made from high quality fine bone china, this versatile range can be used to complement many of your favourite dishes, making it the perfect addition to your table. The lovely rimless dinner set is also microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe to make your life so much easier!

2. Cashmere Classic Rim

Add a little sophistication to your dinner table with the timeless style of the Cashmere Classic Rim dinner set. The smooth, semi-translucent white finish of the Cashmere dinner set makes it a beautiful vessel for showcasing your culinary creations. Featuring classic rim style plates and coupe bowls, this set is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe up to 180°C, perfect for entertaining guests or everyday use.

3. Cashmere Mansion High Rim

The elegant Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Mansion High Rim Dinner Set is perfect to complement any dining setting. This versatile white range with high rims will elevate your favourite dishes, making them look even more tempting. Beautifully crafted from quality fine bone china, this dinner set will surely add a touch of luxury to your special event. It is also freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe to make a wonderful gift for new homeowners.

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