Time to organise your kitchen for this season

Cleaning your room and organising your space is the very first step on everyone’s list, especially during the festive season. You can begin with the kitchen, as that’s where the magic begins.

Here are some of ellementry’s products that will help you with your last-minute preparation as well as keep the kitchen organised.

Nobody likes to make a mess or have the ingredients spoiled. You can store your secret ingredients or recipes like baked goodies or even daily snacking options like nuts and jams in these apple and pear jars. The humidity or moisture can often spoil the food, but these jars are airtight as they come with a wooden lid. Glass jars with wooden tops are a classic option that fits into any kitchen.

Apple & pear glass jar
Apple & pear glass jar

Making round rotis is definitely a skill. They say one needs to practice it daily to master this skill. The teak wood chakla belan is here to rescue you as an ode to the tradition and to make everyone proud of you. The wooden surface is smooth and ideal for your everyday meals. ellementry offers the chakla belan in a larger size too. And it makes your everyday tasks easier and more convenient with the stand. Making the belan stay only where it belongs, in the kitchen, of course.

In teak wooden chakla belan with stand
In teak wooden chakla belan with stand


What Makes Your House a Home

Another kitchen essential required for all the bakers out there could be this eggshell bread box. Bread is one of those foods we all eat frequently. Storing it is always a task because stale bread doesn’t taste good and isn’t even healthy. This metal bread box with a wooden lid will help you store your bread and keep it fresh. And the lid can be used as a platform to slice the loaf as you like. When you have plenty of storage options, your kitchen will appear cleaner and clutter-free.

Egg shell metal bread box with wooden lid
Eggshell metal bread box with wooden lid

 You can never have too many storage options for your kitchen. But one of our favourite utilities and kitchenware are the ones that are multipurpose. It is definitely a plus point if these kitchenwares add more to your kitchen decor and look. The twine wire basket is best for storing your daily fruits and vegetables. But you can also keep your linens or table clothes in it. This storage ware comes in a dove grey colour with a wooden lid. The lid can be a chopping board for your fruits and vegetables. Save some time and keep the kitchen decluttered.

Twine wire basket
Twine wire basket

All these kitchenwares are not only sustainable and handcrafted but also some of the most useful things one needs in their kitchen. Shop these on our website or you can visit your nearest ellementry store to get your hands on these. They also make a great gift for someone who loves cooking and cleaning their kitchen.

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