To the kitchen rituals we enjoy maintaining

Over the years, we tend to build a connection with the kitchen. Be it stealing nibble-worthy snacks from the jars to sitting on a chair and narrating how your day was to your mother, who is busy cooking a delicious meal for you. Till you grow up and find yourself finding cooking therapeutic or else you figure out how to cook.

But certain kitchenware will remind you of home, of the meals made by your grandmother or your mother.

You might have heard that the taste of a dish lies in the hands of the one making it.

Relive your childhood memories in your daily life. Not only curries but salad and pasta dressings can be freshly ground using a mortar and pestle. Grind in some fresh spices and herbs. ellementry offers two colour options and multiple shape options. The classic white makes you fall in love with the marble texture and details even more. If you want a hint of colour as well as traditions, the green colour adds to the strong and sturdy look.

verde marble mortar & pestle
verde marble mortar & pestle

Brewing some tea is more than a tradition or habit.

Every household recipe for tea is unique in its own way. The time it takes to boil and the conversations over tea are rituals for many of us. As much as we love making and drinking tea, pouring it without burning your skin can be a task for beginners. And if this wasn’t a statement in itself, the brass vessel with the wooden handle is enough to go along with any kitchen aesthetic. Add the lustre along with the infused flavours to this tea pan.

arra brass tea pan with wooden handle
arra brass tea pan with wooden handle

Curate something beautiful together.

What Makes Your House a Home

As we know, cooking is an art which blends traditions, flavours, and shades of difference together. One of ellementry’s newest additions, the natural duo chopping board, is a great add-on to your kitchen collection. You may be new or a pro, but chopping your add-ons never gets old. Nature’s two widely used materials, wood and marble, are combinations, adding more than just the texture difference. Shop some cheese, veggies, or even meat on these boards.

natural duo wood and marble chopping boards
natural duo wood and marble chopping boards

If it is not about serving with love, what is it about?

We love having our friends and family over for dinner. With the wide variety of foods and flavours across the table, serve them with the utmost style and safety. The brass used in this masai ladle set has anti-bacterial properties, which have been believed for ages. It is enough to impress you with its contemporary design and gold colour.

masai ladle set of 2 ( large & small)
masai ladle set of 2 ( large & small)

Cooking can be a great way of relaxing, by practising some old recipes or even adding your own touch to your family’s signature dish. Enjoy the journey of curating dishes people love with the traditions people love, only with ellementry

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