Top picks from our mug collection to set the monsoon mood

If you wonder what exactly soothes us. Perhaps it is gripping onto your favourite beverage and taking sips in between as it syncs with the rumbling sound of thunder and rains. Your favourite comfort drink may or may not change but you can keep switching between your favourite mugs.

Get your favourite cafe vibe at home as you hold a mug with detailing and a unique design which is much more sustainable and long-lasting than the rest. The beige and mustard hints on the surface can keep you caught up in the moment just like looking at the rain when tired. 

amber love ceramic mug
amber love ceramic mug

Brewing stories and hot beverages over a period of time becomes a part of our routine. Especially when it pours outside and you are indoors with your other half. For such occasions, a monochromatic favourite compliments the vibe. It is completely food safe and one of the best sellers in ceramic collections.

With monsoons, the conflict between the tea and coffee lovers arises. 

What Makes Your House a Home

While it rains and you observe the scenic beauty, don’t we tend to feel closer to the earth? Get mesmerized by the blue swirls on the mug when you rest it on the coasters. And don’t worry if you need to take a break, nobody enjoys a hot coffee gone cold. The coaster serves the purpose of a lid as well. 

the earth ceramic mug

Don’t we all know someone who is clumsy and breaks something or the other? It might be us too. For a carefree and hasslefree journey of handling the cup and maintaining it should be easy as well. Moreover, if I tell you that brass is great for increasing strength and immunity, why would you want to miss out on it?

masai brass mug gold
masai brass mug gold

Listening to your favourite music, reading a book or even just standing on the balcony edge with a mug by your side is indeed romanticized. Because monsoons make these little things even more meaningful and memorable. 

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