Vintage furniture is the new aesthetic

Whether you are moving into a new home or re-furnishing your apartment, something vintage is never a bad idea. Aren’t we all a little in love with classic and timeless aesthetics? The dark wooden furniture is a perfect fit for any interior. ellementry helps you bring back the decor and design style from years gone by.

Select your favourites or revamp the look of your home with the entire Old-World collection. With the festive season around the corner, gift your home with some vintage additions.

Organise your rooms with the Old World triple drawer cabinet:

In situations where we over-shop or if you just love keeping the space decluttered and organised, this all-in-one storage rescues us. This Old World triple-drawer cabinet has enough space for you to store your day-to-day supplies, cutlery, and crockery, or even towels and blankets. It can be placed in multiple spots in your home due to its knock-down legs. You can add some decor pieces or photo frames and flowers to keep the nostalgic and retro touch going.

Old World triple drawer cabinet
Old World triple drawer cabinet

Sit back with the Old World coffee table:

We all need to relax with a cup of coffee or tea and find time to unwind. Place the table in the middle of your living room to add ease to your activities. This table is a blend of designs from the past and yet gives a contemporary feel. 

What Makes Your House a Home

Add an antique centerpiece or some coasters and vases to this table. The built-in double drawers help you to keep on-the-go stationery items or keys.

Old World coffee table
Old World coffee table

The Old World double drawer cabinet is your bedroom essential:

Your room or a guest room needs a medium-sized cabinet to keep the place tidy and organised. Be it valuable daily things or your towels, rugs, and robes, you can comfortably keep them in this cabinet. There is enough room for you to stack them up without forcing them to fit inside. Keep the old-world charm alive with a hint of modernism.

Old World double drawer cabinet
Old World double drawer cabinet

Work with aesthetics on an Old World writing desk:

If you are tired of getting up every few minutes to fetch some or other essentials, this table will make your routine even better. The two compartments in the desk will help you keep everything handy. With work-from-home becoming common, ellementry makes sure you stay connected to some vintage vibes. You can also add these pieces of furniture to your office room or workstation. Allow it to assist you in unwinding your day as you read a book or write in your journal.

Old World writing desk
Old World writing desk

Add some Old World charm to your home, be it your living room or bedroom. The sustainable and hand-crafted pieces wait to be a part of your home. Shop this collection on our website or at your nearest store.

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