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Next time you get to the bottom of your jam or Nutella jar, do not throw it away. Yes. You heard that right. Do not consider them useless. They are of great use. But, do we need to tell you this? Indian households are amazing at reusing everything. From empty bottles to worn-out clothes, women in our country know very well how to make optimum use of everything. The same happens with jars. They are used and re-used in several ways. Containers are multi-purpose products. Jars, by ellementry, are no less. All of them perform their conventional function well and also are stunning to add to your kitchen’s décor. 

Glass jars are never out of fashion. They always stay useful. Apart from using them for storage purposes, there are several creative ways of putting jars to use.

Here are some of the best ways of using jars at home. Some of them may even surprise you.

What Makes Your House a Home

These were a few ways of using and reusing jars. Now, have a look at some of them by ellementry. The brand has them in different shapes and sizes, making them just right for your home:

Clear glass jar with metal cladding lid small

clear glass jar with metal cladding lid small

Look at this jar. Don’t you think it will be perfect for décor or as a memory box? Use this glass jar with a metal cladding lid for any purpose you want, and the jar will not disappoint you. If you are thinking to use it in your cookhouse, then the product is appropriate to store items like tea, coffee, or sugar. Ergonomically shaped, this fancy glass jar will set well in your cabinet or shelf

The earth jar set of two (small)

ceramic jar
Earth jar set of two

The modern art form in blue and white patterns on this Earth Jar Set of Two (Small) is inspired by the earth as seen from space; resplendent with blue oceans and curly clouds holding sway over everything. These ceramic jars with wooden lids are best to store tea or coffee powder and sugar. You can also prefer to use it as a holder. Keep your rubber bands or even coins and note safe in them. Its colour is soothing, keeping you light-headed all the time.

Sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid

terracotta jar
Sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid

Give your storage game a cultural boost with this 100% sustainable and a piece of art terracotta jar by ellementry. Its wooden lid adds to the overall look. The product will be a great addition to your household. You can use them in your garden. Plant your favourite indoor flowers in it, and your indoor garden will bloom with beauty and sophistication.

Twain glass jar with a wooden bowl (small)

glass jar with bowl
Twain glass jar with wooden bowl (small)

This small glass jar is a 2 in 1 condiment that doesn’t require a separate bowl for serving. It has a wooden lid in the shape of a bowl. 

Look at more of such jars only at ellementry.com. All the jars by the brand are beautiful and 100% safe for edible items.

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